• My Year In Travel | Reviewing 2019

    With the year coming to an end and also the decade, I want to share with you my year in travel as I have been on quite a few travels and trips this year.

    I’m quite lucky to have gone on more holidays and trips than normal and I’m hoping to expand that over the years with more oppoturnities to travel. I used to have only 2 holidays a year but this is changing more as the years go on.

    So what did I get up to in 2019? Read on to see what trips I’ve been on and new places ticked off my bucket list.

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    January: Singapore, Langkawi & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Koh Lipe, Thailand

    At the start of the year is usually our big trip, typically to Asia as the weather is so much better then and we can get away from the cold weather in the UK. We wanted to explore somewhere new in Asia that we haven’t done before so we added Singapore and Malaysia to the list with a few days on Koh Lipe Island in Thailand in between.

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    April: Brussels, Brugge, Antwerp & Ghent, Belgium

    I honestly couldn’t wait to be reunited with my Amy who I met on a Where’s Mollie Global Travellers trip in Croatia a year before. We both got on so well and unfortunately we live so far away from each other. We decided to book a reunion trip together and booked our flights to Belgium for 4 days over the Easter weekend. Our plan was to visit 4 cities in 4 days with our cute AirBnB base being in Brussels and use the trains to get to each city.

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    July: Paris, France

    I honestly can’t believe it had been 15 years since I last visited Paris before this year. I went to Paris with my parents as my Dad was on a work trip to a French bakery afterwards, so we had a few days in Paris to re-explore and admire the beauty of the city. It still felt magical after all that time and I really want to go back and explore some more.

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    September: Madrid, Spain

    Madrid was the family holiday were we all went to celebrate Mums birthday and it was so lovely exploring a new part of Europe all together. It’s crazy to think we’ve done quite a lot of Spain and Europe in general but have never been to the capital of Spain until now. I was so excited to head back to Spain and see how Madrid compares to Barcelona and I wasn’t disappointed. It is such an amazing city and we even headed out of the city for a day to visit Toledo (the original capital of Spain).

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    November: Shrewsbury, England

    When November comes around it’s time for the annual girls trip and this time was to Shrewsbury. Every year me, my mum and her two friends meet up in a different place every year to have a girls weekend and do some Christmas shopping. Unfortunately we didn’t have much great weather as it was cold and rainy but we made a good weekend of it and did lots of shopping. We learnt about lots of history of Shrewsbury, especially it being the birth place of Charles Darwin.

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    Where have you travelled to this year? What’s on your 2020 to travel to list? Let me know in the comments below.