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    encounters with a catfish

    My dating experiences haven’t exactly been the best. Especially when it comes to meeting up with a guy and going out on a date. See I always seem to be stood up. This time I’m sharing my encounters with a catfish. I never would have guessed I would ever be catfished or have someone try to catfish me.

    It all started a few months ago when I was scrolling through my profile on Plenty Of Fish. When this good looking guy popped up in my messages wanting to chat. I thought this was too good to be true (ironic). But I continued to chat with him for a bit and we both started to get to know each other. I thought I would scroll through his profile and see what I could find out about him.


    I looked through his photos and realised they were all of ‘him’ on his own and none with other people. So I thought I would ask him if he had any social medias to check him out some more. But he told me he had deleted his after the whole Facebook scandal (convenient). But he did come up and say he had Snapchat, we got talking on there and he sent me a few photos from his camera roll but none of them were live photos.

    Catching a catfish in the act! 

    I thought this was a little strange so I took a photo of them using my camera so he didn’t know I had screenshot them and uploaded them to my laptop and straight into Reverse Google Image and BAM! He had stolen all of those photos from an American actors Twitter profile and used them on his dating profile.

    I confronted him straight away and he tried to deny it but I wasn’t letting him get away with it. He then confessed that he was insecure about the way he looked but the rest of his profile was all completely true which I didn’t believe. He then told me he was going to “edit” his POF profile to be him but in the end he blocked me on Snapchat and POF which I thought was hilarious.

    It was now a few months down the line and Capital Radio had tweeted they were looking for peoples stories of either catching or being a catfish so I wanted to put my story forward. It would have been on Will Mannings drive time show in the afternoon and I was contacted via Twitter by Capital Radio wanting to hear my story.

    They told me that my story would be recorded with Will and used in their show the next day. The day came and my phone rang and it was Producer Dave on the other end putting me through to Will, who I told him all about my story etc. I waited, and waited, and waited – they never played my story and played someone else’s story in the slot they told me would be mine. I was so angry. It was too good to be true – just like my catfish – ironic huh!!

    • Do they have any social media on their profile?
    • Are their photos all solo?
    • Do they sound too good to be true?
    • Always Reverse Google Image search their photos

    Images used in this post are credit to Haute Chocolate.

    Have you had any encounters with a catfish? How you did you catch them?