• The best way to get from Langkawi, Malaysia to Koh Lipe Island, Thailand is by ferry. You can book your ticket through various tour agencies online. The journey only takes about an hour so it’s perfect for a quick getaway on a gorgeous tropical island. Koh Lipe is only a small island which it takes about an hour to get around. On Koh Lipe, everything is nearby the beaches so it’s easy to get to different places.  There are 3 major beaches on the island which are Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach and Pattaya Beach which is the biggest on the island.

    Catching the ferry from Langkawi was so easy. When you arrive at Telaga Harbour you are given an immigration card for you to fill out for your time on Koh Lipe – as it’s another country Thailand requires an immigration card but you don’t have to worry about a visa. Once your immigration card is completed, you will need it for when you go through immigration and security before boarding the boat. We waited a little bit before they allowed us to board the boat. They had onboard entertainment usually a movie on the way going we watched Venom and coming back was some weird Indian movie.

    The only trouble was going through immigration on Koh Lipe. The guy was totally unorganised! We had to wait before we could collect our passports and proceed through immigration. God knows what the people visiting for a day had to go through. You firstly had to collect your passport from the man and then have your passport stamped. Then have your photo taken at immigration and then pay the 200TBH entrance/clean up fee. Finally before you can proceed your suitcase/luggage has to be searched. Luckily I was near my mum so they didn’t search mine as they had already done hers. Finally we could head to our accommodation and enjoy the island.

    langkawi to koh lipe


    langkawi to koh lipe

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    How To Get From Langkawi To Koh Lipe