• The Best Travel Must Haves To Improve Your Travel Game

    I wanted to share with you my favourite and the best travel must haves, these can be for beauty, photography equipment to daily use items. These are the products that I can not travel without no matter where I visit or how long I go for. They are the products and items that I will always reach for as I know I can trust them.

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    You may or may not have seen my older post on my travel skincare saviours. These are my favourite skincare products that I will always bring with me on my travels to keep my skin under wraps. My skin is very demanding and suffers from both really bad acne and rosacea. Along with a few other issues, so I really have to make sure my products keep my skin calm from all of the issues it suffers with.

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    • Kiehl’s Pineapple & Papaya Facial Scrub – Fruity scent and perfect for removing dead skin cells from your face for a clear glowing complexion. Suitable for all skin types and the best after a long haul flight or long journey.
    • Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish – This is my go to when it comes to cleansing my face. I am never not using this twice a day to clean away makeup and dirt. Wetting the cloth under the warm water and massaging the cleanser into my skin is so relaxing.
      Liz Earle Instant Tonic Boost – I love using this toner to freshen up my skin to keep it glowing and clear from acne and dirt.
      Liz Earle Oily/Combination Moisturiser – This is my favourite moisturiser for my really oily skin. It’s the best for softening the skin and getting rid of dry skin.
      bareMinerals Blemish Remedy Anti Imperfection Serum – I suffer from quite a lot of breakouts and after a long haul flight or long journey my skin needs a little help fighting those horrible breakouts. This serum is a holy grail for me and I can’t go anywhere without it.
      skyn ICELAND Icelandic Relief Eye Cream – This is my favourite eye cream for hydrating my eyes after a long haul flight and conquering those dreaded dark under eye circles.
      Foldable Travel Mirror – An essential if you are in a room with no mirror next to a plug socket. When I visited Koh Lipe, our little hotel room had no mirror inside, it was outside by the shower so I couldn’t straighen my hair with air con and a mirror, I had to use my laptop webcam which had limited battery for a couple of days. I really needed this travel sized mirror.
      OneNine5 Wash Bag – A must have on any travels I go on. It’s perfect for keeping my body and makeup essentials together with it’s hanging loop on the back, I can use my suction hook and hang it on any surface in the bathrooms of hotel rooms and hostels to keep it off the vanitys and wet surfaces. It has so many storage pockets and zipped sections for keeping everything organised.
      OneNine5 Liquid Bottles – These bottles are perfect for decanting all of your liquids into and they fit perfectly into the liquids pouch of the Wash Bag. They are easy to refill, clean out and use when you change liquids in any of the bottles. I use a sticky label maker to label the back of each bottle so I know what’s inside.

    Use my affiliate link for 10% OFF all OneNine5 products.

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    I never go anywhere without my cameras and camera equipment so I always make sure I have all of the essentials for charging and using my cameras whilst on the go. I always bring my cameras to capture content for my website and social media accounts so I never go anywhere without them. My favourite camera is my Canon 60D but I do sometimes bring my Olympus PEN EPL7 with me too, just in case.

    • Canon EOS 60D – My favourite camera to use for more professional shots for my blog and social media accounts.
    • Canon 50mm, 10-18mm and 70-300mm lenses – My favourite lenses to use for close up detailed shots, portrait shots and long distance shots with plenty of zoom which is perfect for landscapes and cityscapes.
    • GoPro Hero 7 Silver Camera – I love using my GoPro for underwater photography and when doing sports like kayaking and hiking.
    • Sandisk Extreme 60GB + Memory Cards (both Normal and Macro sized) – Perfect for holding all of your travel memories for both normal cameras and your GoPro camera. 60GB or more is the best so you can have more space without having to switch memory cards so often. Remember GoPro cameras take the macro sized memory cards.
    • GoPro Underwater Dome – I love using my underwater dome with my GoPro camera to get some insane pictures underwater and in the sea. I took this with me to Thailand and when I was in Koh Lipe I was able to get some beautiful shots. I can’t wait to do more sea based trips to play around with it more.

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    These are the items I love using on a daily basis when I’m travelling and out and about. These can vary from apps to improve my travels to products I always keep in my day backpack.

    • Fiorelli Paris Backpack (SHOP SIMILAR) – The perfect backpack for carrying your daily essentials in whilst still looking cute and chic.
    • – Tangle Teezer – Ideal for brushing your hair whilst on the go so you always look picture ready.
    • Citymapper App – The ideal app to have on your phone for calculating how far places are and the best public transport to use to help you get around.
    • Available on both Apple and Android for FREE.
    • Currency Plus App – I love using this app for working out exchange rates. It updates when connected to the internet or network so you are always up to date with exchange rate changes. Available on both Apple and Android for FREE.
    • Wild Deodorant – My favourite zero waste deodorant to bring with me day and night. There are so many yummy scents to choose from as well.


    If you do quite a lot of travelling, you probably already have your favourite luggage bags picked out. I have matching suitcases in both medium sized and cabin size from Ted Baker as well as two hand luggage bags from Knomo London. I love them all equally as they are all black with gold detailing to they match perfectly and they all have so many pockets and organisation features so it’s so easy for finding things and keeping things tidy as well as saving space. These bags are perfect if you like the chic look but also want them to be suitcase for travelling.


    What travel essentials do you recommend and can’t travel without? Let me know if you’d pick any of these up for your next travels! Leave them in the comments below.

    Happy travels,

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