• Sustainable Deodorant Alternatives

    If you are on the search for a sustainable deodorant, then look no further than this post. I will be sharing with you my favourite sustainable deodorants, some of which have been tried and tested. It’s all about trying them out and seeing which ones work best for you. Some didn’t agree with me and others made an instant impact. I wasn’t keen on stick deodorants before I switched to Wild, but now I can’t stop using them and they have so many scents to choose from.

    It took me a little bit of research into which ones would be best to use and the jump from my favourite which was Sure took a bit of time. I had been using Sure deodorant for as long as I can remember and it worked perfectly for me. But until I wanted to change things in my life and start using cruelty free and ethically made products, it was time to stop using them for good.

    While some sustainable changes might not be easy on the bank balance to start with, actually over time they work out a whole lot cheaper and better than non sustainable options. I noticed this when I finally made the switch to washable period pads. It has saved me so much money over the months that I don’t have to keep buying bulk packets of them, instead I’m only spending money on the pain killers I need every month.


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    sustainable deodorant

    Wild Deodorant

    Wild Deodorant is the one I currently use and have been loving for a few years now. You can buy your case (which come in a variety of colours and also personalise it also) and then monthly refills of whichever scents you’d like. They bring out monthly specials especially over Autumn and Christmas but also throughout the year too. They have scents and formulas for sensitive skin as well.

    I have a purple and a green case – one is in my handbag and the other I use when at home. I have several refills which I keep in my OneNine5 x Wild pouch including Watermelon Spritz (a summer special), Lavender Haze, Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt, Orange & Neroli and Coconut & Vanilla.

    Wild Deodorant’s pricing are:
    Deodorant refills – £6 each or £5 each if you have a subscription
    Cases – £10
    Case personalisation – £5
    Soap trios – £12
    They also do case and refill bundles starting from £15.

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    Salt Of The Earth

    Salt Of The Earth is the deodorant I was using that was better for the planet after using Sure for many many years and before I switched to Wild. They are spray deodorants but are made of natural ingredients and have some lovely scents. Their deodorant also comes in stick form as well. My favourite scent of theirs was Lavender & Vanilla. When I was using them, their deodorants didn’t come with refills but now they have added refills to their products list so you can refill both your stick and spray deodorants. From what I remember they were a little pricey as I used to get them from my local pharmacy but they did last quite a long time.

    On the Salt Of The Earth website their prices are:
    Spray deodorant – £5.99
    Spray deodorant refill 500ml – £22.49
    Spray deodorant refill (unscented) 1 litre – £29.99
    Spray deodorant refill (unscented) 500ml – £15.99
    Spray deodorant (unscented) – £5.99
    Roll on deodorant – £5.49
    Roll on deodorant (unscented) – £3.99
    Stick deodorant refill – £8.90
    Stick deodorant – £9.99
    Crystal deodorant – £4.85
    Deodorant balm – £8.99

    They also sell foaming hand wash and refills too.


    LUSH is definitely a go to for someone who wants to become more sustainable and ethically friendly. It is quite easy to transition into LUSH as they have so many products to choose from and make it really simple to find the right product for you especially if you are a beginner. They were the first I tried when I wanted to try ou shampoo and conditioner bars until I knew what I was after and found other brands to try.

    LUSH has two types of deodorants to try which are dusting power and deodorant bars. I’ve never tried the dusting power as I feel like it will be quite messy, especially if you are in a rush so I’ve always stuck to solid deodorants.

    LUSH’s prices are:
    Dusting Power – £10
    Solid Deodorant Bar – £7.50

    Let me know which deodorant you’d like to try in the comments.

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    Get Fussy

    Get Fussy are a new find of mine and one I’ve not tried but they are a little similar to Wild Deodorant. Their cases are pretty cool and come in 5 different colours, with 5 scents to choose from. You can also subscribe to receive refills through your letterbox. They are all natural, free from aluminium, parabens and are 100% vegan.

    The case colours include: Burnt Orange, Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, Mint Green and Blush Pink.

    The scents available are: WAVY DAYS Fresh (eucalyptus, sage & peppermint), NIGHT TALES Flora (cedar, cinnamon & patchouli), BARE ALL Unscented, CHRISTMAS TREE Woody, WIDE EYED Citrus (mandarin, grapefruit & black pepper) and SUN DRUNK Tropical (vanilla, ylang ylang & star anise).

    The subscription plans that Get Fussy offer are:
    Subscribe & Save – £13
    1 case and 1 refill
    Switch scents, skip or cancel anytime
    Get refills sent as often or as little as you like for just £5 each
    FREE UK Delivery

    One-off Purchase – £20
    1 case and 1 refill
    Give us a go, try any 2 scents
    Subscribe when you’re ready

    The Scent Pack – £32
    1 case and 4 refills
    Give us a go, try any 4 scents
    Subscribe when you’re ready


    New Zealand based company Ethique makes quite a lot of products perfect for the sustainable and zero waste liver. I haven’t tried any of their products yet but I may well add them to my trial list. I love trying new brands and seeing if they work well for me, that way is expands my recommendation list. Ethique do not currently ship to the UK on their website but it is coming soon and they are available in other stores including Amazon and FeelUnique.

    Ethique’s dedorant bars and sticks are not anti-perspirant and will not stop sweat but will keep your underarms smelling fresh. This is so you sweat naturally and don’t block your sweat glands.

    Ethique’s pricing are:
    Deodorant bar – $13/£11
    Deodorant stick – $13 (coming soon to the UK)


    Nuud have a range of cruelty free deodorants and claims to offer anti-odorant protection from 3 to 7 days with just one application. Their formula is free from aluminium, artificial fragrances and alcohol. They don’t clog your sweat glands or stain clothes. The packaging is made from bioplastic sugarcane and comes in a biodegradeable cardboard box.
    Their fragrances contain nuts (almond oil) and coconut (oil), so please be careful if you are allergic to nuts.

    Their packages are:

    Starter Pack – £12.95
    15ml (enough for 6-7 weeks on average)

    Smarter Pack – £24.95
    2x20ml (enough for 19-20 weeks on average)

    Family Pack – £39.95
    4x20ml (9-10 weeks of freshness in every tube)

    Wholelottanuud Pack – £54.95
    3x40ml (60 weeks of fresh armpits)

    Monthly Subscription start at £4.99 a month.

    By Humankind

    By Humankind offers a wide range of entirely plastic free products from deodorant to hand sanitiser. All initial purchases of deodorant and mouthwash come in refillable and recyclable containers with a lifetime guarantee. Their refill packaging combines biodegradable paper pods and recycled envelopes. Their products are available individually or as packages, including complete dental routine, shower routine and daily routine sets.

    By Humankind’s prices are:
    Deodorant – $15
    Hand Sanitiser – $15~
    Body Wash – $22
    Toothpaste – $15
    Floss – $15
    Mouthwash – $15
    Best Seller Bundle – $45
    Dental Routine Bundle – $36
    Shower Routine Bundle – $46
    Hair Care Bundle – $35

    By Humankind’s deodorants come in 5 different scents:
    Lemongrass (with notes of sage and bergamot), Eucalyptus (with notes of bergamot and cedar), Rosemary-Mint (with notes of spearmint, citrus and sage), Lavender-Citrus (with notes of mandarin and lavandin) and Coconut (with notes of orange and lemon). You can also buy Cool and Warm variety packs which allows you to save 10% on two full size refills of Eucalyptus and Rosemary-Mint and Lavender-Citrus and Coconut respectively.

    There are also many many more on the market for you to check out so do your research and find one that works for you.


    Are you going to try a sustainable deodorant? Which one would you try? Let me know in the comments below.

    Stay beautiful,

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