• A Beginners Guide To Brugge

    beginners guide to brugge

    Brugge is a small but beautiful city in Belgium. It’s a medieval city in the Flanders region of Northern Belgium. You can either spell it Bruges (French) or Brugge (German/Flemish). Brugge is the 8th biggest municipality in Belgium and it’s 3rd largest city. Brugge is such an adorable city. It has cobbled streets, picturesque canals and uniquely wonderful architecture. Here is my beginners guide to Brugge and everything you’ll need to know.

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    Brugge is a gorgeous and small city that is easy to get around either by foot, boat or horse & cart. It’s a great place to get the vibe of what Belgium was like before it became a more popular country. You’ll find the typical crow-stepped gable roof design on the buildings, lots of horse & carts and plenty of chocolate, beer, lace and waffle shops. The city is mainly focused around the canal and the main square for things to do and see. It’s a beautiful little city which is perfect for you to get the true Belgian experience in one day.

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    The best way of getting to Brugge is by train. We caught the train to Brugge from Brussels Midi Station. The journey takes about an hour. You can find out how much the train costs to Brugge in my post How To Get Around In Belgium. It was the longest journey of the 3 cities we did outside of Brussels, but it still didn’t take too long. Once you reach Brugge train station, you can simply walk straight out onto the main road and walk across to get into the city walls.

    beginners guide to brugge
    beginners guide to brugge



    • Minnewater (Lake Of Love)
    • Boat trip on the canal
    • Eat Belgian frites at The Potato Bar
    • Climb up the Belfry of Bruges
    • Visit Basilica of The Holy Blood
    • Eat waffles at The Waffle House
    • Hire a bike and cycle around Brugge
    • Take a trip around Brugge on a horse & cart
    • Try some Belgian beer at Brewery de Halve Maan
    • Visit the Chocolate Museum, Choco Story

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    • Hire a horse & cart
    • Go on a boat trip up the canals
    • Walking – simply the best and most inexpensive way of exploring


    Minnewater (Lake Of Love) 

    Sat on a bench overlooking Minnewater was the best way to relax on a beautiful sunny day. Buying a cold drink from the supermarket and snapping pictures of the picturesque lake in front of us was perfect.

    Eating waffles on the steps in the Markt  

    We couldn’t leave Belgium without trying some Belgian waffles. We looked around at all of the different waffle shops and stalls and decided to try The House of Waffles. They had by far the best range from sweet to savoury and they definitely looked the best. I got the Strawberry Fields waffles which came with whipped cream and yummy juicy strawberries on top of the waffles.

    Boat trip up the canal 

    The weather was gorgeous and what better way to spend it than a trip up the canal. In Brugge you can catch a little boat which holds a certain amount of people and takes you on a little tour. Your driver of the boat will give you lots of history and information about Brugge and the buildings you can see from the boat. It only costs €10 so it’s not overly expensive.

    If you love beer, visit the Brewery de Halve Maan 

    We didn’t visit the brewery but if you do love beer and want to try some real Belgian beer visit this brewery. They have open days throughout the year which you can book on to and find out how the beer is made. You also get to try some real beers at the end of the tour.

    Try Belgian frites in a quirky restaurant 

    If you love your chips, fries or frites definitely check out this restaurant. Me and Amy stopped at The Potato Bar as we were getting hungry and wanted to try some Belgian frites. It’s a very quirky little restaurant in which you can sample various types of Belgian frites with croquettes and lots of different mayonnaise dips. The walls in the restaurant are covered with lots of cool graffiti and drawings relating to the creation of their fries from growing the potatoes to creating their individual dishes.

    Has this beginners guide to Brugge helped you? If you have any more questions, let me know them in the comments.