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  • When He Lies To You About His Girlfriend

    It’s been quite a while since my last dating post, but I wanted to type up another one in sort of a agony aunt style or helpful manor. What do you do when he lies to you? Have you ever…

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  • My Encounters With A Catfish | He Was Such An Idiot

    My dating experiences haven’t exactly been the best. Especially when it comes to meeting up with a guy and going out on a date. See I always seem to be stood up. This time I’m sharing my encounters with a…

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  • The Fuckboy List | 17 Guys I’m Avoiding

    Does anyone have a list or place where they write down names of all the fuckboys they’ve come across. Especially during their time of dating. The fuckboy list is the perfect place to note down those names you want to…

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  • 5 More Things I Hate About The Dating World

    It was quite a few months ago when I wrote my post called 4 Things I’m Fed Up Of In The Dating World and I wanted to do an update. Here are 5 more things I hate about the dating…

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  • What To Do When You Get Stood Up On A Date

    This is what it’s like to be stood up on a date. I’ve been in the dating world now for a couple of years and I’ve not even been on a proper date yet. Mainly because all the guys I’ve…

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  • when he doesn't know what he wants

    When He Doesn’t Know What He Wants

    Have you ever met someone you thought was amazing and they’ve seemed confused about what they want? Are they sending you mixed messages? Still coming out of a complicated relationship? Here is a few tips for you as I’ve had…

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