• 8 Tips On How To Pack Your Liquids Efficiently For A Flight

    Are you confused as to how to pack your liquids? This is my guide to help you know how to pack your liquids for both short and long haul flights. This includes my learnt tips from experience to help you when you next fly.

    I wanted to tie this post in with my review of my amazing new liquid and makeup bag for travelling. This post isn’t sponsored but I wanted to feature my new liquid bag from One Nine 5. They are a conscious and eco friendly company who have created the perfect wash bag for your travels. Without using plastic and only using recycled materials. They are based in London and ship worldwide.

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    • • The wash bag is made from 100% recycled lining.
    • • Each wash bag includes a reusable & detachable airport clear liquid bag to reduce single use plastics & store 100ml travel bottles. With quick snap magnets you’ll breeze through airport security, stress free using this TSA approved bag.
    • • Their wash bags are constructed with premium water-resistant zippers and cruelty free outer with matte finish. The wash bags are quick and easy to clean that wipe down perfectly.
    • • Each wash bag has plenty of pockets and zips to hold your products in without them moving around loosely.
    • • The wash bags come with a hidden zip with a hook loop. So you can hang them up in the bathroom or shower.
    • • One Nine 5 offer a one of a kind recycling scheme in which you can post your clear liquid bag back to them. This will be free of charge and they’ll commit to recycle the materials. All of their products are built to last.

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    Are you travelling on a short haul flight with only hand luggage and need to know how to pack your liquids? My tips below will help you pack your liquids bag accordingly.

    01. Those pesky clear liquid bags

    Buy a clear liquids bag that you can use multiple times instead of those use once ziplock bags that break easily. This way you can save money and also reduce your plastic waste from throwing away those bags so often. I bought one of mine from eBay which only cost a couple of pounds. But I can use it as much as I like without it breaking. I mainly bought it for my short haul flights as I use a different bag for long hauls which I will get into later. Now I have my One Nine 5 bag to use freely without worrying it will break.

    02. Be under 100ml

    Make sure all of your liquids are under 100ml. Anything over will be found and disposed off by the security team at the airport. Even if your liquid container is over 100ml and the liquid inside is under 100ml that still isn’t allowed.

    03. Multi purpose always helps

    Buying multi purpose products to fit into your skincare and makeup routine (if you’re a girl) will benefit your packing so much. It can really cut down on the number of products you pack. Even if your palette has eyeshadows and a bronzer etc inside it, it can really make a difference.

    04. Stick deodorant over spray deodorant

    Pack a stick deodorant instead of a spray or liquid roll on. This can reduce one item out of your liquids bag. Having a stick deodorant means it won’t need to be packed as part of your liquid allowance.

    05. Pack the little ones

    When packing perfume or aftershave, make sure you pack the 10ml sprays instead of one big one. This way you can have multiple choices and the bigger bottle won’t take up all of the space in your liquids bag. Having smaller sprays will save up a lot of space. You can poke them into any free space you have in your liquid bag. The 10ml sprays will last a couple of days and then you can chuck them away once they’ve been used up.

    Here are a few of my holy grail skincare products that I can’t travel without…


    Lucky if you are travelling a more long haul flight, you would check your suitcase in. This way you won’t have to worry about how much liquid you can take and how to pack them. This is better as you’ll need double the amount of liquids and it will be a lot less hassle if you check your suitcase into the hold. It will come at a price but sometimes it’s worth it rather than worrying about your liquid allowance coming out or buying them at the other end.

    01. Check One Two

    When flying long haul and checking your suitcase into the hold, you do not have to worry about the liquid allowance. If you are checking your suitcase into the hold, you can still have a liquids bag in your hand luggage. I have started creating and using a long haul survival bag, which I fill with lots of minis to help me get through a long haul flight.

    02. Split Liquids Into Different Bags

    I prefer to split my liquids into different bags for makeup and skincare and then a separate bag for body and shower. This way I can keep track of my different liquids for different things and keep them in the respective place in the bathroom or hotel room.

    03. Structure & Hangable

    When it comes to your liquid bags for long haul flights it really doesn’t matter. You can go for one that’s spotty or floral print or one that’s clear. It’s completely up to you! I like the bags that have structure that protect your liquids and that you can hang up. Especially in the shower or bathroom so you don’t have to unpack as much. I love my Ted Baker makeup bags as they have great structure for packing with and fit my liquids and makeup in nicely without wasting space. My One Nine 5 bag is easy to hang up with it’s hidden hanging loop so it’s perfect for the bathroom or shower.

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    Have my packing your liquids tips helped you? If you have anymore questions, leave them down below.