• How To Book Cheap Flights

    We all know that flights can be the most expensive part of booking a trip or holiday, so I’m going to share with you my learnt tips from experience of how to book cheaper flights. If you are looking to reduce your flight price, then stick around and check out my tips below.

    It’s always heartbreaking when we dream of booking our most desired trip, but the price of the flights make our heart sink. Hopefully these 7 tips will help you make that dream trip a reality and save you some money on getting there.



    If you don’t mind owning a credit card, I would recommend signing up to a credit card that gives you travel based rewards on your spending. This includes the British Airways American Express credit card, where you can earn Avios points on your spending to put towards booking flights, hotels and excursions through the British Airways website.

    If you’d prefer not to use a credit card (like me), I would recommend doing your shopping through the British Airways website. I learnt that you can do your shopping with ASOS, John Lewis, Dell, NotOnTheHighStreet and many other shops through their website with a specific link and you can earn a certain amount of Avios points on your spending. I have earnt so many points doing my clothes shopping with ASOS, it’s unreal.


    One tip I wish I knew sooner was to use a fake location when booking through an airlines website. What this means is if you are booking a flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, setting your location on the airlines website to Thailand will mean the flight will be cheaper than booking as the United Kingdom let’s say. I do tend to book my flights through Skyscanner which is cheaper anyway but it’s another really helpful tip. Using a VPN app on your phone or computer will really help you save money by using another location than the one you are currently in.


    Knowing when to book your flight, it can really help cut your flight price down quite a lot.

    However, you can see which dates are cheaper on any given route. For example, looking at a month view with prices will help you identify cheaper days for a particular route, depending on the season and demand.

    Though some claim that there are certain days, Tuesday afternoon, for example, is the best time to buy tickets, there is no set day or time that tickets are cheaper. It all goes up and down based on demand.

    I will say, however, that airlines will increase the price as fewer seats become available – but there are always special cases where you can get a great deal at the last-minute, one week and less before a flight, as airlines want to sell the last few seats.

    book cheap flights


    I love searching for flights on Skyscanner but not all of the time are the flight prices what I want to pay. So I mark my search to receive alerts until the price is what I want to pay. You will receive an email everytime the price drops or rises, so you can book your flight when you’re happy with the price.


    Before purchasing, make sure to weigh in all the end costs and extra fees. Some airlines charge low fares than charge extra for certain seats, meals, luggage, extra leg room, etc.

    For example, if Airline A sells a ticket for £150 and Airline B sells the same for £200, but you end up buying seats and paying for checking luggage on your Airline A trip, you will end up spending more than the other flight in the end.

    Be very thorough when purchasing tickets!


    Sometimes flying into the bigger airport in a particular country will bump up the flight prices quite a lot. If you are looking to reduce the price quite a bit, I would definitely look at alternative airports to fly into, especially if they are smaller. Look into flying into Orange County instead of LAX, Fort Lauderdale instead of Miami, or Baltimore instead of Washington DC, etc.

    Sometimes it depends on your travel plans on the other side and which airport you decide to fly into. Sometimes it doesn’t necessarily work out cheaper. For example when I fly to Bangkok, we land in Suvarnabhumi airport which is bigger compared to Don Mueang International Airport. It would be cheaper to land in Don Mueang International Airport but it would cost to get a taxi or train to Suvarnabhumi for an internal flight to another part of Thailand or Asia.


    The best way to save some money is to keep an eye for airline deals especially during the times of year that sales are more likely to be on. Especially after Christmas or during the summer, more airlines will target their cheaper prices at specific people and you may even pick up a good deal then.

    Sign up for various airfare alerts to keep track of deals and discounts. Airfare Watchdog is an amazing resource that will alert you for cheap flights on a specific route you’re interested in.

    You can even set it to alert you for any flights departing your city whatsoever! Just be sure to pounce when there’s a deal because they tend to sell out quickly.

    I’d also recommend signing up for Scott’s Cheap Flights newsletter and using Hopper to track flight prices.


    Images used in this post are credit to Sean Valentine and Daria Obymaha on Pexels.


    Have you got any tips to save money on flights? Let me know in the comments below.

    Happy travels,

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