• 12 Must Have Items To Make Your Travels Easier

    If you are planning your next trip and are looking for items that will make your travels easier, then stay tuned! I have put together a lovely little list in this post of the items that have benefited me and made my travelling that much easier to help take the stress out of travelling. These can be anything from working abroad to personal health and hygiene.


    Re-usable Chopsticks

    If you are travelling to Asia and need some chopsticks to eat all of that delicious food with, I highly recommend picking up a pair of chopsticks that you can wash easily and reuse again (ideally metal ones), instead of using ones that will need to be thrown away after every use. I love using my training chopsticks as I’m hopeless at getting the grips of using normal ones. They are joined in the middle so they are easy to use and I can wash them after every use without creating unneccessary waste.

    Heat Up Pads

    A new find that has totally saved me on my travels and when I suffer from “that time of the month”. They are almost like a deep heat strip that helps curb the painful period cramps whilst I’m out and abound exploring when travelling. They are waterproof as well which is perfect if you want to go swimming or will be during activities in the water.

    The strips seem to last about 12 hours which is great if you are out during the day doing different activites or excursions. The packet is really thin so they don’t take up too much space in your suitcase or backpack. Not only do they work for period cramps but can also help with muscle pains as well.

    Notebook & Pen

    Brining a notebook and pen with you can be really handy for writing down the names of restaurants and places you’ve been to, especially if you run a blog and will need to remember them for when you get home. I also love writing down any blog post ideas that pop into my head and I need to write them down before I forget them.

    Washable Pads

    A new find for me especially when becoming more zero waste and I really wanted to change up the way I do my period. They require a lot more attention when it comes to washing as you don’t throw them away, but I don’t mind that. When travelling with them, I use my soap bar in the sink to rinse them and wash them out as much as possible and if need be I will include them in a laundry service load once I’ve washed them through. It’s best to air dry them to get a longer life out of them. I find they are more confortable, soak up more and leak or move around less.

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    Suitcase Portable Hanging Clothing System

    This is a new favourite find of mine and one I can’t wait to get and try out next time I go travelling. I have seen so many videos of people using things like this and it seems so easy and effortless and saves so much time unpacking your suitcase. This would be ideal if you are traveling for a long period of time, plus it also acts as a packing cube system as well or you could use packing cubes along with it.

    Compression Packing Cubes

    If you haven’t used packing cubes yet, you really need to get on the band wagon now! They are an absolute game changer and I can’t imagine packing my travel bags any other way. The compression ones are best as you can really reduce their size so they take up less space and you can pack more. You can also get recycled material ones so you don’t have to worry about compromising the planet with them.

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    OneNine5 Wash Bag

    My OneNine5 washbag has become a massive holy grail for me when it comes to travelling. It comes with a handy clear pouch that you can remove that is perfect for using through airport security, paired along with their squeezy liquid bottles as well. It has so many pouches, zips and elasticated hoops that are perfect for storing your toiletries and beauty bits in.

    Use my affiliate link for 10% OFF all OneNine5 products.

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    Suction Hanging Hooks

    I love these suction hanging hooks especially for in the bathroom when traveling as I can stick them to any wall or mirror and hang my OneNine5 washbagfrom it without the bag getting wet or using up any space on the counter top. They also come in handy if you need more hanging space for swimsuits or towels when they need to dry and to get them off the floor.

    iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard

    This has been a massive game changer especially when travelling and working on my blog on the go. I upgraded my little iPad Mini to the Pro to make use of the Apple Pencil and do more digital journaling but I also really love the magic keyboard with the mouse pad for travelling. It means I don’t have to carry my chunky laptop around with me when travelling and it’s so much more compact as well.

    Multiple Plug & Country Adapter

    If you travel to a lot of countries across the year, having hundreds of plug adapters can take up so much space and storage, especially if you are trying to be a minimalist. So having one adapter that is also a USB charger is very handy and doesn’t take up so much storage in your luggage. We all hate it when we run out of plug sockets for all out gadgets, so this will be sooo handy.

    Passport & Travel Document Organiser

    The best way to keep your passport and travel documents safe and together is by using an organiser. This way you don’t have to worry about having lots of papers everywhere and they are all safe in one place for you to grab when going through security. Some come with lots of organisation pockets for a pen when filling out boarding cards, for your driving licence card and lots of other bits.

    Biodegradeable Wet Wipes

    If you need a quick freshen up whilst travelling, I highly recommend using biodegradable wet wipes. This way you can freshen up either your face, body or hands on the go and not worry about the wet wipes taking ages to break down. This is best for the planet! If you are on the go less often, you can always use a flannel and store it in a reuseable zip lock bag for when you travel and it’s still wet.

    Image used in this post is credit to Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.


    What can’t you live without when you go travelling? Let me know in the comments below.

    Happy travels,

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