• World Menstrual Health Day | The Sustainable Period Products To Use

    In honour of World Menstrual Health Day, I wanted to put together a selection of my favourite sustainable period product brands that everyone should try out. Every woman and girl should have access to essentials when it comes to their period no matter what circumstances they are in, so let’s do what we can to ensure that happens.

    If you’d like to know more information about the organisation you can check out their website here. Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH Day) is a global platform that brings together non-profits, government agencies, individuals, the private sector and the media to catalyze advocacy and action towards a world where women and girls are no longer limited because of their periods.

    world menstrual health day


    Floating Lotus Washable Pads – £23 – £69

    A combination of clever layers will ensure you feel dry, comfortable and secure even on the heaviest days of your period. Their breathable bamboo, absorbent microfibre and waterproof PUL are all made from recycled materials where possible. Each pad lasts between 2 – 5+ years and are super easy to wash (a cold rinse in the sink to remove as much fluids as possible and then a gentle wash in the washing machine with powder). They include a anti-slip double button setting so you can choose which tightness you have.

    You can buy each size set separately or you can buy a mixed combo, depending on your period flow. If you have really heavy periods, you can just pick up their set of XL pads or if you have a light flow and then a heavy flow, you can pick up their mixed set which features a couple sizes of each pad.

    I personally use the Floating Lotus pads and they are my favourite to use. I have experienced no leakage issues and have been using them since June 2020.

    – Shannon Baker, shanylou

    Moon Cup – £20.95

    If you have the confidence to use a Moon Cup or something similar, then you should use these. I personally don’t have the confidence but I have heard people raving about this. They can hold up to three times more menstrual blood than a regular tampon, before emptying and are ideal if you are going swimming. You will need to empty your Moon Cup at least every 4-8 hours depending on your flow and after a night’s sleep.

    MoonCup also support many small charities and not-for-profit programmes around the UK and Worldwide. They are also offering free MoonCups in state schools across England to help eradicate period poverty.

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    Thinx Period Underwear – £17.48 – £30.59

    Thinx underwear are comfortable, reuseable period underwear that look and feel like normal underwear – but they are so much better. They are machine washable, super comfy, keep you feeling fresh and dry and have built in protection from leakage. You can take their quick quiz on their website to find out which style will be best for you and your flow.

    They are easy to wash on a normal cold and delicate cycle without bleach and fabric softener – just laundry powder and then hang to dry. Their underwear can hold up to 5 tampons worth of fluid before changing and some people can wear them for a whole day. Their usual lifespan is around 40 washes or sometimes just under 2 years if cared for properly.

    Their underwear comes in a range of different cuts and styles depending on your taste and also your flow.
    Super Hiphugger – £28.41 ~ Heavy Flow
    Hiphugger – £24.77 ~ Medium Flow
    Boyshort – £28.41 ~ Medium Flow
    Sport – £23.31 ~ Medium Flow
    Super Hi-Waist – £30.59 ~ Heavy Flow
    Hi-Waist – £27.68 ~ Heavy Flow
    French Cut – £25.49 ~ Heavy Flow
    Cheeky – £21.85 ~ Light Flow
    Thong – £17.48 ~ Light Flow

    LUXSTORE Period Underwear £54 – £60

    LUXSTORE Period Underwear are reusable period pants made ethically from the softest, breathable organic cotton fabric with a pop of natural coral to brighten your mood and support you through days of moderate period flow.

    Each pack of comes with two pairs of eco-friendly & washable underwear, one in coral and the other in black. They are easy to wash, rinse in cold water and then pop them into your normal coloured wash. Reuseable for up to 50 washes per pair.

    You can buy their underwear in 3 different styles: Bikini £56, Thong £54 and High Waisted £60 and they all come in a set of 2.

    You can also buy their Day and Night pads in a box of 14 for £5 each.

    Yoppie Natural Organic Cotton Products – £3.35 – £4.65

    Yoppie products are made with 100% certified organic cotton and are hypoallergenic which makes them great for sensitive skin. They are eco friendly and biodegradeable as well as ethically manufactured. Their packaging. isdesigned to fit through your letterbox and you can either order a one-off order or subscribe to receive them monthly.

    You can either sign up to receive tampons, pads or panty liners. FREE shipping on all subscriptions and 50% off your first two orders which makes it great for saving money.

    Their tampons are £3.35, pads £4.65 and liners are £3.75 per box. You can tailor your order to your period cycle and how long between orders as well and you can also cancel, change or pause your orders whenever you’d like without any extra costs.

    Image used in this post is credit to Vanessa Ramirez from Pexels.


    What are your favourite period products? Let me know in the comments and I can add them to this guide.

    Stay beautiful,

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