• Refillable Lipsticks From Charlotte Tilbury

    Are you a fan of Charlotte Tilbury? Or are you looking for refillable lipsticks to add to your ethical makeup collection? Charlotte Tilbury’s Hot Lips 2 lipsticks are refillable and have so many gorgeous case patterns.

    I have been on the hunt for refillable beauty products since I started my zero waste journey. I have found budget friendly brands like Zao Makeup who have lots of refillable products in bamboo packaging and I wanted to find ones for the more higher end spectrum.

    Charlotte Tilbury have always been a favourite of mine because I love the rose gold and retro vibe of their packaging. My absolute favourite product of theirs is my K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in Very Victoria. It’s the perfect nude mauve shade that I wear basically every day.

    I picked up 4 of her Hot Lips 2 lipsticks in the shades Glowing Jen, In Love With Olivia, Angel Alesandra and JK Magic. JK Magic is becoming my favourite and a great alternative to Very Victoria.



    There are 11 shades to choose from and hopefully many more to come. The shades range from a clear lip conditioner called Enigmatic Edward and the darkest shade – a deep soft wine red called Viva La Vergara. Each shade is inspired by iconic women and a man from J K Rowling (shade: JK Magic) to Amal Clooney (shade: Amazing Amal).

    The lipstick range features Tilbury’s Matte Revolution and K.I.S.S.I.N.G textures and formula and follows on from her award-winning original Hot Lips collection from 2016, this time with a man in the mix.

    The lipstick bullets have a square cut tip (which makes it easier to apply cleanly) and have the iconic Charlotte Tilbury lip print embossed onto the lipstick.

    Her shade range includes:

    Enigmatic Edward – Edward Enninful, Vogue Editor-In-Chief – Clear lip conditioner.
    Angel Alessandra – Alessandra Ambrosio, Model and actress – A sunset inspired warm peachy nude (satin).
    Glowing Jen – Jennifer Anniston, Actress – A tawny beachy rose (satin).
    Dancefloor Princess – Kylie Minogue, Pop singer legend and actress – A moisturising pop pink (satin).
    In Love With Olivia – Olivia Palermo, Fashion influencer and entrepreneur – A sumptuous pink (satin).
    JK Magic – JK Rowling, Author and film producer – A peachy rose nude (satin).
    Carina’s Star – Carina Lau, Actress and singer – A peach soft coral (matte).
    Amazing Amal – Amal Clooney, Barrister and human rights activist – A soft berry-pink (matte).
    Red Hot Susan – Susan Sarandon, Actress – A tawny orange-red (matte).
    Viva La Vergara – Sofia Vergara, Actress and TV presenter – A dreamy soft wine red (satin).
    Patsy Red – Patsy Tilbury, Charlotte’s mother – A pinky red (matte).

    The lipsticks cost £28 (now £30) and the refills cost £19 (now £21).

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    There are 5 case designs which have their chosen shade but you can swap the shades between the cases. The cases are almost inspired by the circus and animals with two of the cases having leopard print on them, one is covered in shooting stars. Another is covered in a starburst pattern and the other has black panthers on it with the starburst pattern behind which almost looks like a circus tent.

    I have The Magic Panther and The Power of the Universe cases for my lipsticks.

    Enigmatic Edward and Angel Alessandra come in the The Magic Panther case.
    JK Magic and Carina’s Star come in The Power of the Universe case.
    Amazing Amal, Viva La Vegara and In Love With Olivia come in The Magic Infinity Starburst case.
    Dancefloor Princess and Patsy Red come in The Red Leopard case.
    And Glowing Jen and Red Hot Susan come in The Timeless Leopard case.


    Her lipstick range not only features inspirational people behind her shades, the most gorgeous shades and cases but also £1 million of sales gets donated to her chosen charity Women for Women International – a non profit charity, who look after and protect women involved in war around the world.

    The lipstick formula is so soft and easy to apply, it’s one of the main reasons why I love using her lipsticks and have done for so long. The packaging is so gorgeous and feels so luxurious. I love the refills come with plastic caps to protect them and you can put them on the lipstick you’re not using if you switch them over.

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    There aren’t many cons I could say about her lipsticks but there are a few things I would change that would make it better. One would be to add more colour shades into the collection whether that is something Charlotte will do later on I don’t know. But this collection was released a few years ago now. So I don’t think they would add to it any more but release a new line with more shades.

    Another thing is the refill bullets have the shade name engraved onto the side. I think they should do that to all the bullets and not have the lipstick name on the bottom of the cases. This way when you switch shade, you know the shade name even when it’s in the case it didn’t originally come in.

    Especially if you just want to buy one case design and several refills and keep switching the refills into the case. I don’t want to be using the case for JK Magic but have Glowing Jen in the case and get confused as to what shade is what.

    Let me know if you’ve tried these lipsticks and what you think about them.


    Will you try these lipsticks? Let me know in the comments below.