• Learning To Let Go Of Toxic Friendships

    learning to let go

    We all go through those times when we gain friends but there also comes a time when we lose friends. We all need some help learning to let go of toxic relationships and friendships. Some by mutual agreement, others by complete surprise. There are others that are so completely toxic that you’ve just got to chuck them away.

    As painful as it gets losing a friend, you’ve also got to remember that you need to look after yourself. You do not need that toxic energy in your life. I have lost more friends than I’ve gained and not by pure choice or not by something I’ve done wrong. Mainly because they are completely the wrong people to have in my life.


    There are plenty of quotes we can use to summarise friends and toxic friendships. But we all know that famous quote… “Some people come into your life as a blessing, other people come into your life as a lesson.” Well going through toxic friendships is definitely a testing lesson on how you react and learn from those toxic relationships.

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    I can’t count on my hands how many so called friends I have lost over this past year entirely down to the fact that they were the wrong people for me to have in my life. Whether they gave me a bullshit reason not to be friends with me anymore or replaced me with a new girl in their life even though that didn’t last very long either or another stupid reason to stop our friendship.

    It really does help you see who your true friends are and who will stick by you through a difficult time.

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    Have you gone through anything like this?