• 6 Places To Eat In Gdańsk

    eat in gdansk

    As I was helping my Dad research and put together our trip to Gdansk, I was heavily researching into the restaurants and things to eat as I was super curious with Polish cuisine and wanted to try some traditional dishes. Unfortunately, we simply ran out of time to try all the places on my list, and we could have easily done with two weeks just to tick them off the list.

    We added more places to the list whilst we were there and found some new favourite places whilst walking around the streets. I wanted to share with you my favourite places and the ones we visited, plus others you should check out that I’d found whilst researching.


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    01. Chef Friends & Food

    This was the first place we stopped at when we first arrived as we were so hungry and other restaurants were still serving breakfast instead of lunch. We didn’t really know what to expect but the menu sounded good and some of the dishes we could see looked really nice.

    I really wanted their teriyaki salmon but they didn’t have any salmon left so I chose their Cod Fillet thinking it would be battered but it wasn’t. It was steamed cod fillet with a side salad and new potatoes. It was delicious, I wish I had got a picture of it! I had an Aperol Spritz with is as my first holiday drink.

    The exterior eating area didn’t look like much with their plastic table cloths but the food definitely made up for it and the service was really good. I didn’t see the inside of the restaurant either.

    My cod was 75 PLN and my Aperol was 15 PLN = £15.75.
    Our bill for 3 lunch dishes, 2 Aperol’s, 2 7Ups and 2 draught beers came to 327 PLN = £61.50

    Location: Długa 11, 80-827 Gdańsk, Poland

    02. Machina Eats & Beats

    We didn’t realise how close this restaurant was to our aparthotel. It was literally at the end of our street, which was ideal for our first night when we didn’t want to talk too far. It was busier outside under their umbrellas and there was a few people inside as well which had a really cool interior. It was quite chilly at night sitting outside but luckily they had blankets on the chairs for you to use and keep warm. We saw the menu outside and liked the concept of the creating your own pasta dish and it had other dishes on the menu as well incuding fish & chips and pizzas.

    I was quite hungry so I ordered their Focaccia and 3 dips (they were sundried tomatoes, truffle with cheese and olive tapenade with fig) and my Dad ordered their olives to start with.

    For my drink I ordered their Strawberry Ice Tea, that I was really apprehensive to try incase I didn’t like it but it was much nicer than I thought. Didn’t taste much like tea but was really refreshing and yummy that I ordered a second one.

    My Mum and I went for their Create Your Own Pasta option which they give you a paper menu and a pencil so you can tick off the pasta, sauce and toppings you want – I chose wholewheat rigatoni, tomato sauce, mozzarella, spinach and sun dried tomatoes. It was really good and definitely filled a spot. Each pasta, topping and sauce has a set price and you can choose as little or as much as you like and they total it up at the end.

    My Focaccia was 24 PLN, my pasta dish was 44 PLN and my Ice teas were 18 PLN each. It all came to 104 PLN = £15.09.

    Location: Chlebnicka 13/16, 80-830 Gdańsk, Poland

    03. Słodko Słono

    This was my absolute favourite place. It was so asthetically pleasing and everything was so pretty and delicious. I was a little gutted they had a very small menu for breakfast but it was all lovely and the decor was amazing. We stumbled across this place as we were walking the streets and I wouldn’t have known it would do breakfast from looking at it from the outside. I didn’t even see it on my TripAdvisor search and know what it did, going by the name of it. But once inside, it’s a lovely hidden gem that everyone needs to visit.

    There is plenty of seating inside and some tables and chairs outside on the balcony area which is lovely in the sun. The walls and chairs inside are pink with gold mirrors on one wall and lots of industrial lights hanging at different heights infront of the mirrors. At the counter area there are lots of delicious cakes and pasteries on display which you can have to eat in or takeaway and sandwiches in another counter.

    We visited this cafe twice, on the first time I ordered an Apple juice and their Eggs Benedict (without the ham) that came with a side salad and a nice thick wedge of Challah bread with poached eggs on top along with the sauce and chopped spring onions. And on the second time I ordered their Berry Tonic and their Chocolate croissant which was huge and covered in chocolate sauce and chopped hazelnuts with chocolate sauce running through it. My mum ordered their fruit with yoghurt and it came with so many types of yummy fruit including fig and peaches. You can also order the same fruit and yoghurt with granola too!

    My Eggs Benedict was 32 PLN and my apple juice was 10 PLN. It came to 42 PLN = £7.92.
    One of our breakfasts at Slodko Slono of my Eggs Benedict, Full English Breakfast, Yogurt & Fruit, apple juice and two coffees came to 252 PLN= £47.30

    Location: Świętego Ducha 105/107, 80-834 Gdańsk, Poland


    Open this map on your phone whilst you are in Gdansk to help navigate your way around the city…
    (The places we went to are pinned in red and the other places to try are pinned in blue)

    04. Tu i Teraz

    This was our fanciest and most expensive meal that we really enjoyed and really didn’t expect. We stumbled across this place in the Long Market that was really busy and had lovely cosy patio heaters outside and the interior of the restaurant looked lovely as well.

    We sat down at a table near the patio heaters and our lovely waitress Melina was really charismatic and kept asking us if we wanted more cocktails and even brought us free shots of coconut rum at the end of our meal.

    I ordered their Spring Spritz Cocktail (Finlandia Wildberry vodka, Blueberries and Cherry Soda) to start with which was delicious and really refreshing and then I ordered their Pesto Verde Pizza that was exactly what I needed as I was so hungry. It came with pesto, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan, basil on the top.

    I then ordered their So Nice! Cocktail (Lillet Rose, Strawberry Cordial, Prosecco and Soda and bubblegum flavoured candy floss), I have to admit I was feeling a bit tipsy and gidy after these cocktails.

    This was our most expensive meal that had 3 main courses, 4 cocktails and 2 draught beers which came to 386 PLN = £72.48.

    Location: Długa 20/21, 80-827 Gdańsk, Poland

    05. Billy’s American Restaurant

    Billy’s is filled with all your typical American memorabilia and serves all the dishes from across the States. I ordered their Marley Veggie Burger which was a veggie burger, lettuce, cucumber, caramlised onion, tomatoes, cheese and served with fries on the side. You can also choose which sauce you’d like from enchilada, BBQ or garlic. I chose their garlic sauce.

    I ordered their Rose Spritz Cocktail (Finlandia Wildberry & Rose Vodka, sparkling lemonade and lime) – it was less rose and more lemony so it was really refreshing.

    There are TV screens dotted around the restaurant showing different sports – when we was there they were showing volleyball and it was Poland v Slovenia. It is located on the modern side of Motława waterfront with lots of other restaurants nextdoor.

    For 3 main dishes, 2 beers and 3 cocktails the bill came to 301 PLN = £58.65.

    Location: Warzywnicza 10A/e, 80-838 Gdańsk, Poland

    06. Mojito Cafe & Restaurant

    This was the last place we ate at before we flew home and it was for breakfast. It was a beautiful day so we sat outside in the sun. I ordered their Guacamole on toast (also Challah bread) with poached egg which came with a massive salad. It was an interesting take on avo and poached egg on toast but was still delicious. I also ordered an Apple juice – with the first one getting attacked by wasps, I had to order a second one that I actually managed to drink.

    The service was great and our waitress was really helpful. The dishes were really reasonably sized and priced as well. Mojito is located right in the middle of Long Market so there is plenty of atmosphere and other places around to check out as well.

    For 3 breakfast dishes, 4 coffees and 3 apple juices the bill came to 178 PLN = £33.51.

    Location: Długi Targ 35/38A, 80-830 Gdańsk, Poland

    We also ate at Riverside Dym i Ogień for lunch on our final day before heading to the airport. We ordered a veggie pizza and shared it along with our drinks as well. The atmosphere was great as it’s right on the riverside on the new side of the river and it was an absolutely gorgeous day with bright sun and clear blue skies.

    On our first night, we were looking for a bar to have a night cap and came across Baryłka which is on the older side of the river with a lovely balcony on the 3rd floor that overlooks the river. The seats were comfy and the service was great. I ordered a couple of Baileys on ice whilst my dad ordered some wheat beers and my mum had some Aperols.


    (these are marked in blue on the food map above)

    • 01. Manna68 (Vegan with an Asian and European influence)
      Vegan global cuisine & wines served in a restaurant that has a laid-back ambiance & a patio.
    • 02. Mono Kitchen (Italian and Polish)
      A smart, modern restobar attached to the Stay Inn offering an original choice of international dishes each with a clever touch or mixture of ingredients. 
    • 03. Rednek Burgers (Burgers and Polish sandwiches)
      Vibrant, relaxed restaurant serving burgers & sandwiches with a variety of toppings.
    • 04. Bar Rod Ryba (baked potatoes and traditional Polish food)
      An easygoing bar with a terrace serving baked potatoes with fillings & sauces, plus fish & pancakes.
    • 05. Case del Gusto (Italian)
    • 06. Whiskey In The Jar (American Steakhouse and Bar)
      A fine dining spot that specializes in American cuisine. The establishment has a vibrant ambiance and boasts a stunning view of the Motlawa river. 
    • 07. Ostro (Italian)
      Trendy, intimate restaurant whipping up desserts & Neapolitan pizzas, plus wine & cocktails.
    • 08. Pankejk (Breakfast and Polish pancakes)
      Welcome to the world of fluffy pancakes, homelike breakfasts and stylish interior! We believe that beautiful and tasty dishes as well as harmonious atmosphere affect the well-being of guests throughout the day. That’s why we created a place where everyone will feel at ease and will find a flavour for themselves.
    • 09. Original Burger (Burgers)
      Colorful restaurant serving burgers, desserts, beers & cocktails amid eclectic vintage surrounds.
    • 10. Pierogarnia Stary Mlyn (traditional Polish food)
    • 11. Hokkaido (Japanese)
      Experience traditional Japanese cuisine in the heart of Gdansk


    Where would you like to eat in Gdańsk? Have you been, where would you recommend? Let me know in the comments.