• Hand Luggage Guidelines For All Airlines

    If you are planning on travelling with just a hand luggage suitcase but don’t know the allowances for a particular airline, these hand luggage guidelines will help you. Most airlines are pretty good when it comes to the allowance they give you when booking your flight but others not so much. You have to be careful that you do not get caught out with an airline being stingy.

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    I have travelled with quite a few airlines in my time of travelling but not all of them have I just taken a hand luggage case so this guide will help me as well. I have compiled together all of the individual airlines allowances below to help you understand it more before you travel. These are taken for Ecomomy flights as they will be more restrictive. If I am missing any or there is one you’d like to know about, please let me know.


    Each airline may have the option to book in a bigger carry on bag at a charge. Please check their website before booking, these are just basic ‘economy’ flight guidelines.

    AirlineAllowanceMax DimensionsMax Weight
    Aer Lingus1 cabin bag + 1 small item55x40x24cm10kg
    Aeroflot 1 cabin bag55x40x25cm10kg (15kg for business class travellers
    Air Asia 1 cabin bag +
    1 small item
    56x36x23cm for cabin bag, 40x30x10cm for small item7kg combined weight
    Air France 1 cabin bag +
    1 small item
    55x35x25cm for cabin bag, 40x30x15cm for small item12-18kg combined weight depending on ticket type
    British Airways 1 cabin bag +
    1 small item
    56x45x25cm for cabin bag, 40x30x15cm for small item23kg combined weight
    Brussels Airlines1 cabin bag + 1 personal item55x40x23cm for cabin bag, 40x30x10cm for personal item8kg
    Cambodia Angkor Air1 cabin bag + 1 small item 115 cm (56x36x23cm) + e.g laptop bag 40×30×10cm7kg
    Delta 1 cabin bag +
    1 small item
    56x35x23cmNo weight restrictions
    easyJet1 cabin bag 45x36x20cmNo weight restrictions
    Emirates1 cabin bag55x38x20cm7kg
    Etihad Airways1 cabin bag56x36x23cm for cabin bag7kg for cabin bag
    Jet21 cabin bag + 1 personal item56x45x25cm10kg


    My favourite hand luggage bags are my Cabin Max The Travel Hack Backpack (40x20x25cm), my Ted Baker Albany Cabin Case (55x35x25cm), Knomo Grosvenor Place Tote () and the Ted Baker Peony & Dusky Pink Travel Bag (38x33x20cm) {inc carry handles}.

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    KLM 1 cabin bag + 
    1 small item
    55x35x25cm for cabin bag,
    40x30x15cm for small item
    12kg combined weight
    Lufthansa1 cabin bag +
    1 foldable
    garment bag
    55x40x23cm for cabin bag, 57x54x15cm for garment bag8kg
    Norwegian1 personal item30x20x38cm10kg
    Qantas1 cabin bag56x36x23cm7kg
    Qatar Airways1 cabin bag + 1 personal item50x37x25cm7kg
    Ryanair1 cabin bag40x20x25cmNo weight restriction
    Singapore Airlines1 small bag Sum of length, width and height should not exceed 115cm7kg
    TUI Airways 1 cabin bag + 1 personal item55x40x20cm10kg depending on destination
    Turkish Airlines1 cabin bag + 1 personal item55x40x23cm for cabin bag, 40x30x15cm for personal item8kg
    VietJet Air1 cabin bag + 1 small item 56×36×23cm for cabin bag, 40×30×10cm for small item7kg
    Virgin Atlantic1 cabin bag +
    1 small item
    Vueling Airlines1 cabin bag +
    1 small bag
    55x40x20cm for cabin bag,
    40x20x30cm for small bag
    10kg combined weight
    Wizz Air1 cabin bag40x30x20cm10kg
    This information is accurate as at 18th August 2023.


    What’s your favourite hand luggage bag? Let me know in the comments below.

    Happy travels,

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