• 6 Years Of Knowing Each Other In The Bin

    Well well well, we are back here again are we!? I really thought this period was coming to an end but I guess not. I thought I wouldn’t have to write another Dating post again. I can’t believe you’ve thrown years of knowing each other in the bin. A lousy hand continues to be dealt to me, especially in the dating world. Nothing will ever change and no matter how positive I get about dating and things like that, it never works out for me. Just when I thought things were changing, something else happens and goes against me.


    years of knowing

    How long have you known someone and then they’ve just thrown the years of you knowing each other in the bin and completely discarded what you had? That has just happened to me! 6 years of knowing someone and getting to know each other (especially in intimate details) and they’ve just completely chucked it away – for what?! Did it really mean that little to them? Do they even care? There are so many questions and emotions going through my head right now and I can not make any sense of them right now. I am just filled with so much anger, hurt and disbelief.

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    Did us getting to know each other really mean so little? On top of all that, it’s like my personal issues weren’t as important and were just instantly pushed aside with a little ‘I hope they get better’ at the end. Like honestly, how dare you?! You never asked me how I was when I said I wasn’t in a good mood or feeling meh. Did you even care about my feelings?! I was there for him through his difficult times and always making sure he was ok but he never cared about my problems and what I was going through.

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    It was almost like a competition to see if someone had the worst problems and if you didn’t – it didn’t matter. The amount of messages we had with meaning in them and now it’s like they counted for nothing. You were just getting something from me and that was it. And towards the end of our conversation, you bring up the fact you are talking to someone new whilst we’ve been talking, which is ironic when you started talking to me whilst you were with your ex-fiance that you lied to me about. Now you don’t want anything to do with me. You are done and you can’t wait to forget about me.

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