• Our Intense Hiking Trip To Kuala Kubu Bharu Jungle

    Fancy doing a challenging hike to see some waterfalls? This was our hiking trip to Kuala Kubu Bharu Jungle and waterfalls which was just outside of Kuala Lumpur city. It was a rather early start before we had our hike, so I wasn’t in the greatest mood to start with. My Dad had booked our trip through AirBnB. We had to get up at 5am for a 6am start and to meet at the meeting point.

    We started our trip, driving to a local village for breakfast. It was a little unusual having traditional and curry dishes for breakfast compared to what we are used to. But it was an experience nonetheless and we definitely needed the fuel for the hike.


    hiking trip to kuala

    We had 6 people in our group: me and my parents, a young guy from Hong Kong who now lives in Canada and an older couple from Australia. So we was a purely English speaking group which was nice. We all got on quite well and got talking throughout the hike about ourselves. Our tour guide was really informative and told us all about the history of Malaysia and the areas we passed through and local traditions. He had a driver with him who drove the van and also helped us one the hike with cutting down branches to clear a path.

    It was just like being in a jungle with nothing being man made for hikers so the trail was very uneven and dangerous in some parts. But the tour guide and his helper helped us with the difficult spots and they gave us hiking sticks each. We were also given snacks and bottles of water for the hike also. It was a very hot and humid day so hiking wasn’t the best thing to do. But we got through it. We saw lots of wildlife including wild gibbons and heard all of their singing and cries to each other which was amazing. Gibbons are one of my favourite monkies! Gibbons are very popular across Asia especially Thailand and Malaysia.

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    There was quite a few times where I was worried I would never complete the hike but my Dad helped me on the hard bits. Forever grateful for him holding my hand on those bits otherwise I would never have got through it, aha! I may have strong legs for hiking but that really scared me. It’s definitely a challenging hike, so if you’re up for it then definitely give it a go.

    It was eye opening to the fact the locals go on breaks there to relax but always leave all of their waste and rubbish in the jungle which is shocking. Most people blame it on the tourists, but the locals are just as bad if not worse. Our guide payed a man when we entered for clearing up but ended up doing most of the clearing up himself on the way back to the car.

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    Are you interested in doing this hike in Kuala Lumpur? If my post has inspired you, then let me know below.