• A Guide To Langkawi Sky Bridge

    One of Langkawi’s biggest tourist attractions has to be their SkyBridge and the SkyBridge park. The Langkawi Sky Bridge is a 125-metre curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge in Malaysia, completed in 2005. The bridge deck is located 660 metres above sea level at the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang in Pulau Langkawi, the main island of the Langkawi archipelago in Kedah.


    There are many features to the Langkawi Sky Bridge Park which include…
    – SkyBridge – pedestrian bridge which can hold up to 200 people at one time with amazing views of Langkawi.
    – SkyCab – cable car which takes you up to the Sky Bridge.
    – SkyGlide – is a 12 person cabin which can take you both up and down to get back to the Skycab waiting area or to the start of the Skybridge.
    – SkyRex – is a dinosaur simulation ride which immersive experience that takes sensory and physical simulation to a whole new level. An adrenaline inducing adventure themed around a dinosaur park with a 3D movie and simulated vehicle.
    –  SkyDome – is a 4D cinema which shows a series of short movies.
    – 3D Art – Great fun for all of the family, walk around the various 3D art pieces and take your own amazing and funny photos. Use your imagination!

    Entrance Fee: see ticket info here.

    The Langkawi Sky Bridge was built in 2003 and was finished in 2004 taking 12 months from August to August to build. The parts were carried to the top of the mountain via helicopter and then later assembled together. The curved bridge measures 125m in length and hangs about 100m above ground level. It is accessible from the Top Station, the bridge is suspended from a 82m high single pylon and it can accommodate up to 250 people at the same time.

    It swings out over the landscape to give visitors a unique spatial experience, and to bring them into otherwise unattainable locations, above virgin jungle with spectacular views. Notably, in contrast to a straight bridge, where the end is always monotonously in sight, a curved bridge offers spectacularly changing perspective that reinvent themselves, as you proceed along it.

    Entrance Fee: see ticket info here.

    Named the Longest Free Span Mono Cab Cable Car in Malaysia. Hovering over jungle and climbing over 550 million years old rock, SkyCab gives you more than one unique experience. Come and experience it yourself. The Base Station is conveniently located at the foothill of the Machincang mountain.

    From here, visitors will be taken up to the cool Machincang mountain via the cable car system. The ride will be an exhilarating experience for everyone to enjoy. You will also be able to catch a glimpse of the flora and fauna that surrounds the area. If you are feeling brave why not try the glass bottom cable cab for some exhilarating views.

    Ticket Info: As soon as you get to the Langkawi Sky Bridge the main ticket booths are as soon as you walk through Oriental Village and before you can board the SkyCabs.

    There are 4 ticket booths in which you can buy your tickets from. *Depending on which ticket package you purchase at the ticket booth, some of the experiences below are not included or require extra payment. Prices are in Malaysian Ringgit.

    SkyBridge* – Entrance fee for SkyBridge is Adult RM5 and Child RM3.
    SkyCab – Adult is RM55 and Child is RM40. Local Adult is RM40 and Local Child is RM30. The glass bottom cab is RM105 per person. You can add another RM50 per ticket for the Speedy Pass.
    SkyGlide* – Entrance fee for SkyGlide is Adult RM10 and Child RM7.
    SkyRex – Entrance fee for SkyRex is inclusive with every purchase of a SkyCab ticket.
    SkyDome – Entrance fee for SkyDome is inclusive with every purchase of a SkyCab ticket.
    3D Art – Entrance fee for 3D Art is inclusive with every purchase of a SkyCab ticket.

    Entrance Fee: see ticket info here.

    SkyGlide is a cabin type of transport that can move upward and downward according to a certain incline level. In, general, the design of the cabin is like an elevator with the finishing of glass panels on all sides. This is to allow visitors to have a clear view of mount Machincang and its surroundings. Currently visitor who wish to visit SkyBridge will have to take a short 10 minutes’ walk through a jungle trail.

    This short walk is both fun but a bit challenging especially to the elderly and children. So with SkyGlide visitors would have a much faster and convenient way of visiting SkyBridge. Should you wish to take the SkyTrail down to the SkyBridge and the SkyGlide up to the SkyCab, you can purchase your one way ticket as the SkyGlide booth.

    The SkyTrail is a lovely nature walk in which you can take a step forward to enjoy the natural uniqueness of Mount Machinchang from Top Station to the Base Station Langkawi SkyCab. Here you will have the privilege to walk through our nature synonymous track known as SkyTrail. If you don’t fancy doing the whole walk you can also take a shorter route to the Middle Station before getting the SkyCab back down to the bottom.

    Entrance Fee: see ticket info here.

    After entering the SkyRex, visitors take their seats on a tram styled simulator and are taken on a 5 minutes fun filled journey that assaults that senses-physical platform drops, dynamic motion, blasts of air, water spray, vibrations, dramatic lighting, surround sound and 3D film projected to the front and both sides of the tram, combines to give the most realistic experience possible.

    Entrance Fee: see ticket info here.

    SkyDome can accommodate maximum of 50 pax with approximately 10 minutes showcase.   Constructed in February 2014 and completed in July,  SkyDome which started operation on 20th July 2014 has obtained overwhelming responses. Entrance fee for SkyDome is inclusive with every purchase of SkyCab ticket.

    It’s equipped with 12 projectors, SkyDome offered 360 degrees of 3D image projections which easily covered your field of view. It will definitely plunge you into an unforgettable experience.  Now, relax and let yourself drift along at the whim of your own imagination.

    3D ART
    Entrance Fee: see ticket info here.

    Located within the vicinity of Oriental Village and with 21,000 square feet of build up, it features more than one hundred 3D interactive paintings, artistically painted by a group of talented international artists. And this is yet another signature product by Langkawi SkyCab in collaboration with Art In Paradise Langkawi to provide new dimension and experience to visitors.

    For more information on Langkawi Sky Bridge, be sure to check out their website for lots of details and history on each experience.


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