• We Need To Save The Arctic And Icebergs

    need to save the icebergs

    It’s been brought to my attention recently that the Arctic is suffering from climate change. This is why we need to save the icebergs. Also when I visited Iceland to see the glacier lagoon and also their glacial tongues, we were informed that the glacial tongues and icebergs are receding by 0.34% every year – which may not sound like a lot but it honestly is – and in less than 20 years from now it will all be gone.

    What do you know about global warming

    Over the last 30 years the area of ocean covered by ice at the end of the summer – the so-called sea ice minimum – has halved. The ice that remains is also thinner. The problem is this: the white surface of ice reflects 80% of sunlight. But as it melts it exposes the dark ocean, which absorbs 90% of the sunlight. The ocean heats up, accelerating the ice melt. Based on current data, the ocean will be ice-free in summer, some time in the 2030s.


    The changing ice conditions are also exposing marine mammals in the area to new threats.  So many whales spend the summer feeding in the nutrient-rich waters, it is estimated there are 100,000 narwhals, 30,000 belugas, 6,500 bowhead whales in the area. Learning that not only does global warming and climate change affect the landscapes it also affects the food chain and also the animal breeding seasons.

    need to save the icebergs


    1. Use renewable energy where you can.
    2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
    3. Reduce any energy you use including electricity, gas, heating etc.
    4. Eat less meat (haha go vegetarian!) – no honestly eating less meat is better for the environment.
    5. Eat locally sourced produce and go organic.

    6. Educate others! I don’t know how many times it was drummed into me as a child to look after the planet but everyone seems to have forgotten it.
    7. Throw your rubbish away! If you haven’t seen the latest series of Blue Planet 2 – make sure you have. The drastic toll our rubbish has on the sea creatures is ridiculous.
    8. Use public transport were you can.
    9. Use energy efficient petrol/fuel and bulbs.
    10. Look after our landscapes – we honestly take it for granted but we could literally have nothing left soon.


    What do you do to try and help reduce global warming? Why do you think we need to save the icebergs?

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