• How To Survive A Long Haul Flight

    Let’s face it, travelling a long haul flight in economy class isn’t the comfiest and upgrading to business class isn’t friendly on the bank balance. Here I am going to share with you my top long haul flight tips. I admit I haven’t done a long haul flight to Australia yet, but I have gone as far as Asia in economy class and that’s torture enough. However the more you do it, the easier it gets – slightly.

    I will also share with you how I can help look after the planet on long haul flights, sharing my favourite eco friendly products to use.

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    01. Create a survival bag and fill it with lots of minis to freshen up and help you get through the long flight. 

    I’ve actually taken it upon myself to change how I pack my hand luggage and get ready for my flights. Normally I would wear a full face of makeup as I hate my natural skin, but that doesn’t help my skin out. Especially on long flights, my skin must really suffer in the changing temperatures and it causes new breakouts. So I’ve decided to wear less makeup and wear a BB cream or tinted moisturiser on around the airport and take it off to pamper my skin whilst on the long flights. Then reapply for when I land.


    • Skinnydip Palm Print Makeup BagSHOP SIMILAR – Keep all your minis together using this clear zip makeup bag. Perfect for seeing all of your minis together in one place. It’s wipeable so you can clean it easily and use it again. I love the pink and palm print around the outside – speaks to my vibes perfectly! It’s also airport friendly with a clear front and back so they can see inside and is also the right size for a liquids bag.
    • Tio Toothbrush* – There is nothing worse than someone having smelly breath on a 10+ hour flight. Make sure you brush your teeth after every plane meal using this eco friendly toothbrush. This awesome toothbrush is small enough to fit in your clear makeup bag and it’s made from plant based biopolymers. Also don’t forget to pack your mini toothpaste.
    • Tangle Teezer Brush – Brush that beautiful mane of yours and keep it tangle free with the trusty tangle teezer.
    • Chewing Gum – Have a quick freshen up of the mouth with some chewing gum. Ideal if you can’t get to the bathroom as often to brush your teeth.
    • Hand Sanitiser – Make sure you disinfect your hands before and after eating to help keep risk of catching a cold down. I love using the Carex hand sanitisers as they come in some lovely scents whilst still containing anti-bac.
    • Biodegradable Face Wipes – These are ideal to remove makeup and freshen up whilst still being kind to the planet. Make sure you pick up a packet of biodegradable face wipes instead of having a wet face cloth in your bag. Unless you can do that somehow, maybe in a reusable zip lock bag. These are better than the horrible face wipes that take years to degrade. Instead of taking a full packet of facewipes, I will take a packet of my biodegradeable ones that only have a few wipes in.


    • Mini Hand Moisturiser – The harsh change in temperatures on the plane do not do your hands any favours. There is nothing worse than having dry hands. A dollop of hand cream whilst on the flight will soften those bad boys up.
    • Mini Face Moisturiser – Again the harsh change in temperatures on the plane, do not do your skin any favours. Make sure your face stays hydrated even if you suffer from oily skin (like me). I love using my mini face moisturiser from Liz Earle as that helps keep my skin clear from breakouts as well as hydrates. My mini moisturiser comes from the Liz Earle Try Me Kits which are perfect for hand luggage liquids and for travelling.
    • Lip Balm – Keep your lips soft and hydrated with a travel friendly lip balm.
    • Ear Plugs – There is nothing worse than trying to get some sleep with people snoring and makes noise around you. Block out that noise with reusable ear plugs and catch up on those Zzzzz’s. You want to feel refreshed after the long flight.
    • Silk Eye Mask – Block out disturbing light whilst you sleep with a lovely silk eye mask. Silk is soft on the eyes, the most delicate skin on the body. It also will help protect your eyes from dark circles and under eye marks.
    • BB Cream – Once the flight is almost over you can jump in the bathroom and apply your makeup for when you land. If you need some coverage, use a light good coverage BB cream to make yourself feel more put together whilst still letting your skin breath. Definitely pick one up with added SPF in it, even if you’re not landing in a sunny country.

    EXTRAS: Spare pair of underwear, paracetamol, hair tie, spare pads & tampons (just in case), iPad/Kindle with books on, cardigan/jumper for cold planes. – These do not need to go in your survival kit, but can go in your hand luggage bag for when you need them.

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    long haul flight tips

    02. Bring a metal water bottle

    Save on those plastic bottles filled with water. Bring your metal one and ask a cabin crew member to fill it up or fill it up in a restaurant once you’ve gone through security for free. It is crazy to think how much plastic waste we chuck away, especially when it’s from the food and drink we consume. There are so many metal water bottle brands out there, so pick one that suits your personality. I love the bottles from Chillys and S’well as they come in so many lovely patterns and designs.

    03. Plug out the noise and be wireless 

    I have vowed to never take my wired earphones travelling ever again. They just get in the way constantly. They got so annoying when I was asleep and I kept getting tangled in them or when you want to board and listen to music but the wires just got in the way. Now I don’t have to worry about any of that when on my flights. I only keep a pair of wired headphones in my hand luggage in case I want to watch something on the in-flight entertainment that won’t let my wireless ones connect to it, so I always have a back up pair just in case.

    This is why I have picked up these amazing wireless headphones from Sudio. They connect with my phone or other device through Bluetooth and have an amazing sound quality and battery life. I didn’t want to go for any of the earphones without the rubber earbuds as those ones hurt my ears, so the Sudio Tolv earphones were the best choice to go for. They are a little on the pricey side being £99 but they are well worth the investment and come in a range of colours.

    You can definitely search for whichever wireless headphones that are your preference, there are so many to choose from. The new AirPods are great as they have a blocking out background noise feature which is perfect for flights and they have the rubber earbuds on them too.

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    04. Use your devices or read a book

    To pass the time away on such a long flight, you will need things to occupy yourself with. You can either bring your own devices to listen to music, plan content or write blog posts, bring a book to read or you can listen to music and watch movies on the in flight entertainment system.

    My favourite things to do in long haul flights is to listen to music and plan upcoming content for the countries/destinations I’m travelling to in my notebook and then watch lots of movies on the in flight entertainment system.


    This post has been kindly sponsored by Tio Care. They are a European toothbrush company based in Germany who create ethically friendly toothbrushes. They have a vision for everyone to save the planet twice a day by using their toothbrushes which are made from recycled materials including fast growing plants and other recycled materials.

    The amount of plastic waste we produce from our toothbrushes is really bad. Especially when we are meant to change the brush heads once every 2-3 months as recommended by our dentists to keep our mouths happy and healthy. The waste of throwing away our toothbrushes really has a negative effect on our environment. These toothbrushes are perfect for cutting down that waste as you are only throwing away the brush head which is made from recycled materials and are made from fast growing plants that produce CO2.

    To shop the Tio Care range, make sure you check out their website – www.tiocare.com.


    Have you got any tips to survive a long haul flight? Let me know in the comments below.

    Happy travels,

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