• Why You Should Be Updating & Republishing Old Posts

    There is a lot of maintenence we have to do to our blogs and websites throughout the years but why should we be republishing old posts? What do we benefit from doing this? Keep on reading to find out why.

    It can be a huge hassle to do this and you’d need to set aside a good chunk of time to go through old posts in batches but it’s definitely worth it. Taking the time to go through old posts can help with SEO and traffic to older posts and pay off in the future.

    Republishing old posts


    01. Check old facts are correct

    Make sure you read through old posts and make sure older facts are still correct. Either change them completely or add in an updated correction below so your readers can see what the previous fact was against the newest one. This includes prices for things, records and other things like this.

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    02. Make sure photos are formatted properly

    The style of your posts may have changed throughout the years so make sure your photos are placed where they should be. I have gone through old posts and found the styling codes I used for photos is no longer around and it has thrown my photos in random places. Make sure you go through these and fix any issues with your photos so it feels cohesive and flows nicely.

    03. Check old posts fit in with your current style

    Read through older posts and make sure they fit in with your current writing style, this includes internal and external links, call-to-actions and anything else you include in your posts to grab your readers attention. I normally do this at the end of every year but sometimes I do forget or run out of time if I’ve been busy.

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    04. Fix any broken links

    This is something I recommend doing every year but if you run out of time, make sure you keep on top of it when you can. Use a broken link checker to find out which links are broken and replace them with working links. There is nothing worse than clicking on a link that no longer works.

    05. Update SEO on pages and posts

    Make sure you check your pages and posts and their SEOs. SEO will change and it’s best to make sure your pages and posts are still functioning as they should to get them high up the rankings.

    06. Check Keywords

    Again, the same with SEO, you need to make sure your Keywords are still performing the best that they can. Use a keyword checker to find out if your selected keyword is still performing or if there is one better that you can use. Keywords will change with time and with other people potentially using the same one or better ones than you, you need to up your game and make a change.

    07. Add and adjust new photos and videos

    You may want to check the images used in your posts and if you can better them. This could include retaking, editing or changing the image used completely if it doesn’t fit the feel of your blog post anymore.

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    08. Change the date of a blog post

    Are there any blog posts you’ve published a while ago that you’d like to republish and change the date on? Make those posts more now and relevant to current times by changing the date.

    Image used in this post is credit from Haute Stock.


    Have you thought about republishing old posts? What would you do to yours? Let me know in the comments below.

    Lots of love,

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