• How To Get Around An Airport On Your Own | The Best 6 Tips To Help You

    One of the scariest aspects of travelling is not knowing how to get around an airport on your own and not having someone with you to help. You don’t want to miss your flight or end up doing something wrong so it pays to be prepared. I’ve done the alone at an airport thing a couple of times and when suffering with anxiety, I have to make sure I know what I’m doing. I have my set routine whilst at the airport so I know what I need to do and when so I don’t miss boarding or my flight. Below I will share my learnt tips from experience to help you guys out should you need them.



    1. Familiarise yourself with the airport you are travelling from. Make sure you know the set up from checking in to going through security. Once you know the layout and where everything is, it will make it easier for you. And you can get through each section without worrying or wasting time. Use the airports app or website to find out the way off and where everything is.
    2. If you are travelling with just hand luggage, make sure your liquids are in a respectful clear bag and is ready to place in the security trays. Make sure they are in an easy to reach place as well.
    3. I always download the airports app that I am travelling from. I mainly fly from Heathrow, so I’ve downloaded their app which holds so much information you’ll need to know. Including security alerts, restaurant and duty free maps and information, your boarding passes and flight times and so much more information and features.
    4. If you get stuck or can’t find a specific thing, don’t be scared to ask one of the staff around to help you.
    5. Take a deep breath, it’s not the end of the world. Don’t get too stressed out and know someone will be around to help you if you get stuck.
    6. Dress in comfortable clothes. There is nothing worse than walking around or travelling in super uncomfortable clothes. I couldn’t count the amount of times I’ve seen people wear heels. Or silly items of clothing at an airport on two hands. I saw a woman wearing wellies in the airport last week.

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    • – I always leave for the airport to allow myself at least 3 hours before my flight time.
    • – I will always make sure I’ve checked in before I arrive at the airport, if my booking allows it at least 24 hours before. This way I will know that I have my seat and boarding pass ready without having to worry about it at the airport.
    • – Once I arrive at the airport, I will go straight through security without delay as you never know how long it can take. Once you’ve got it out the way you can concentrate on the next step.
    • – I then check the departures board to see if my gate has been announced yet. I will keep checking the board every so often until it’s announced and make sure I know the route to take to get to the gate area.
    • – Then I will find somewhere to eat breakfast/lunch or dinner depending on when my flight is. I will always make sure I have something to eat a couple of hours before my flight so I can take my travel sickness pill. Flying really gets my travel sickness going so I always take my pills to make sure I have a comfortable flight without having to worry about it.
    • – Then I will head through the shops (if I want to do any shopping, I will stop for a little bit) before going through to the gates and into the waiting area before boarding.

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    What are your tips for how to get around the airport on your own? Leave them in the comments below.

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