• How To Pack Cameras Into Your Hand Luggage Efficiently

    I wanted to write about how to pack your hand luggage case, especially for camera equipment. You know you are packing your hand luggage as a travel blogger when your whole hand luggage case is filled with camera, camera equipment, your laptop and less of your favourite books and other things you used to have in your hand luggage for holidays.

    I knew I was down to business when I saw how much camera equipment I was taking with me. I had to find a way of packing it to make sure nothing got damaged and everything was protected. The cameras I took included my Olympus PEN EPL7, my Canon 60D and my GoPro Hero 7 Silver plus my underwater dome.


    I had to do a little bit of research to find the best cases and protection for my cameras & lens. I wanted the best price and searched on Amazon until I came across two S Zone bags which were perfect. They fit perfectly into my cabin case and protect my gear.

    I used my large Ted Baker suitcase for clothes but also have a smaller one. My small one is cabin size so it that has all my camera equipment in it. The bigger of the two bags had my GoPro dome and my bigger camera bodies in. I always detach the lenses from the bodies to prevent any damage. It has a velcro lid and protects my cameras because it’s a padded bag. There are so many pockets to put things in it keeps it organised as well.

    How do you pack your cameras in your hand luggage? Do you have any tips? Leave them in the comments below.

    The second bag I got was smaller with a zipped lid and a small pocket inside to keep my lens wipes in for cleaning them. Inside the smaller bag I had my lenses, multi country adapter in, charging cables and battery docks as well as my GoPro to keep those safe from any damage. In the gaps I had my over-ear headphones and the GoPro Dome trigger to fill any spaces.

    In the pockets down the side I had my waterproof phone case and any spare equipment for my GoPro just in case I needed any spares. I was able to lay both bags on their sides so they laid flat and I was able to fit more in my case including my laptop charger and pouch with lots of spare memory cards in.

    I’d like to think I have my camera packing down to a T for now but we will see, it could change in the future should I get any new equipment or if I find a better way of packing.

    Recently I’ve purchased my gorgeous new backpack as extra hand luggage which I have my laptop in it. My laptop is fragile so I always want it on me to protect it.  My backpack is from Knomo London who make amazing backpacks and satchels for work or everyday. They are amazing once you’ve packed them correctly as they don’t hurt your back.

    They also have so many pockets for anything you want to take with you so it’s perfect for staying organised. I chose their chic Beauford in black and gold but they have so many in different colours and styles.



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    How do you pack your camera equipment? Let me know in the comments below.