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  • The Free Alternative To The Blue Lagoon And A Hike

    The Blue Lagoon has to be the most overhyped excursion on a trip ever. It costs a fortune and actually isn’t that amazing, plus you can do a similar thing for FREE. Yes it’s FREE. Hiking to the Reykjadalur Hot…

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  • Hiking The Masca Gorge In Tenerife

    We went on this hike quite a few years ago, when we used to visit Tenerife every September for about 3 or 4 years running. My Dad decided we should go hiking the Masca gorge one day and my mum…

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  • Hiking In Chiang Mai & Meeting The Karen Tribe

    This post was meant to go live a while ago but I still wanted to write about hiking in Chiang Mai and meeting The Karen Tribe. We also visited The King and Queen Pagodas and also the highest point in…

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  • Our Intense Hiking Trip To Kuala Kubu Bharu Jungle

    Fancy doing a challenging hike to see some waterfalls? This was our hiking trip to Kuala Kubu Bharu Jungle and waterfalls which was just outside of Kuala Lumpur city. It was a rather early start before we had our hike,…

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  • Sunset Kayaking In Dubrovnik

    If there was something I would say I was most excited for on my trip to Croatia. (Apart from #BOATDAY, which I will get into in another blog post). It would definitely have been our sunset kayaking in Dubrovnik around…

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  • Hiking The Marjan Forest Park In Split

    One of the activities we did in Split was hiking the Marjan Forest Park in the morning. This has a great view of Split from the top with amazing 360 views of the city and nearby islands. It was a…

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