• Hiking The Masca Gorge In Tenerife

    We went on this hike quite a few years ago, when we used to visit Tenerife every September for about 3 or 4 years running. My Dad decided we should go hiking the Masca gorge one day and my mum wasn’t prepared with her shoes, but she managed to hike successfully with her FitFlops. The usual snobby hikers with their hiking sticks thought it was hilarious, but she proved them wrong.

    The Masca Gorge is a narrow valley in the north-west of the island of Tenerife. The gorge is situated within the Teno Massif. The gorge is a popular tourist destination due to its dramatic scenery and unique geology.

    It was quite a tough hike in places but we managed to get down to the bottom for the boat to pick us up and take us back to the beach. It was very scenic and beautiful on the way down. Even at spots I thought I was going to die, I just had visions of 127 Hours running through my head the whole way down.


    I wasn’t feeling so great the day of the hike and I didn’t know why. I kept feeling sick and very faint. We bought some plain biscuits from a lovely shop before the hike to try and help me feel better. I tried to be sensible with my clothing, wearing my comfy dungarees and as many brightly coloured clothes as possible so I can be seen if anything happens. I felt better after having some biscuits and got some fresh air and was feeling fine before our hike.

    The hike was rough and rocky in places and our hands definitely suffered towards the end of it but we made it. We had to climb along a ravine which had a flat-ish surface and a wire railing to hold on to but there was a drop the other side.


    The hike is completely free to do and at the end, there is a small boat waiting to pick hikers up to take them back to the main land. It is approximately 5km and will take you a couple of hours to complete. You can read more about the hike here including boat prices to get back to Los Gigantes harbour.

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    Would you hike the Masca Gorge? Let me know in the comments below.

    Happy travels,

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