• Found Photos From Barcelona, Spain

    found photos barcelona

    My favourite photos from the beautiful city of Barcelona. I’ve realised that I needed to add more posts into the Travel section of my blog. I have travelled to quite a lot of countries in my time. I would love to show you photos of all the places I’ve been too. Starting with Barcelona, I visited Barcelona in February of 2012 from the 13th to the 16th. We spent a few days there exploring the gorgeous city and stayed in a lovely hotel in the centre of the city called Hotel Caledonia in Sant Catalonia. I hope you like my found photos from Barcelona and they’ve inspired you to visit.


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    We visited various touristy places such as the San Sagrada Familia, Park Quell, Camp Nou Football Stadium, La Boqueria St Josep Market and a Flamenco Show by Tablao El De Carmen. In the market there was huge sections for different types of food including sweets, chocolate and fudge – which was my favourite part of the market. They had massive tables with rows and rows of different types of yummy sweets. Walking around the streets in the city we also came across this chocolate shop which makes chocolates shaped like high heel shoes and handbags – they were amazing and looked like real shoes. There is so much culture and architecture in Barcelona and it’s definitely somewhere you need to visit.

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    Have you been to Barcelona before? What was your favourite part of it?