• 6 Travel Sickness Tips & Tricks

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    Do you suffer from travel sickness? These are my 6 travel sickness tips on how to have a nicer time travelling and prevent getting travel sickness! A few tips & tricks on how to cope and recover from travel sickness. If there is anyone out there like me who suffers really badly with travel sickness especially on planes.

    I know how horrible it is when you really enjoy flying and the concept of flying to another country. But your body just doesn’t agree with it, it can really affect your travelling and the enjoyment of it. As I’m going on holiday tomorrow. I thought I would share a few tips and tricks. That I have researched and tested through the few years I’ve been travelling abroad.


    Always eat light food and drink before your flight.

    Don’t eat a really heavy meal as that will make you feel sluggish. And can make you feel even more queasy and sick than it would eating a light meal like a sandwich or a salad. Eating something like a burger, steak or pasta won’t be good for you when your feeling queasy. Don’t drink alcohol if you do drink it, and any fizzy drinks as well. As the fizzy of the drinks will affect your tummy, try and drink either soft drinks or stick to water.

    Keeping hydrated.

    Drinking plenty of water and also apple juice is said to help with travel sickness and will make you also feel less sluggish and I’m also sorry if this is TMI but vomiting up bile and dry heaving isn’t a nice experience.

    Lightly snacking when feeling peckish.

    Eating light snacks such as biscuits especially those ginger Lotus Caramalised biscuits you normally get at the hair salon such as the  can help when your feeling queasy and travel sick. Also I know this doesn’t count as food but also having chewing gum and fresh mints help keep the queasiness at bay as well as keeping your mouth feeling fresh. The motion of chewing gum helps keep your mind busy and stops the queasiness from starting.

    Don’t read or play games looking down.

    Looking down causes vomiting and feeling queasy especially while in motion. Always look to the horizon and look in front of you as it won’t feel like you are moving and gives you something to concentrate on throughout your journey. Also another little tip to go along with this point is if you can – book your seats at the front of the plane, as like in a car or bus and sitting in the front will make you feel less queasy as you get less suspension and you’re not above the wheels which gets more bumpy than at the front of a vehicle.

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    Using pressure points and pressure bands.

    If you are about to be sick or are starting to feel queasy, there are pressure points at the back of your wrist, press down with your index and middle finger together – you should be able to feel two small bones near each other *this is where you should press down* or you can purchase special wristbands with an added pressure button which sits in that place to save you holding that position all the time.

    So you can do other things during the flight. Some bands that you can purchase in shops such as Boots and Superdrug aren’t that discreet, I have a pair that are light blue but there is a website I know about that sell bands that are disguised as bracelets and come in a range of different colours which you can get designed in your favourite colours/patterns that are called Queasy Beads and they are said to work really well but I haven’t tried them yet.

    If you have the worst case of travel sickness there is also medication and tablets to take.

    Tablets that include in the ingredients are the best and ones to go for. The popular tablets that I’ve used are, Avomine – which you can buy here. I started using and they worked really well to start with but after a while I found that they stopped working and I kept being sick no matter what I tried so I spoke to my pharmacist and she recommended as it was much stronger, after trying them a few times.

    I have found that the Avomine 25mg tablets completely knock me out after I take them before the flight which is both good and bad, good because it stops me from being sick but bad because I miss out on doing all the things I want to do during the flight like listening to music and reading my books and I wake up feeling quite groggy.

    So if that’s something you don’t want I would suggest trying either of the other tablets. There are plenty of tablets and medication out there. So do your research and always ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking any of the medication. Currently I use Sturgeron tablets – which you can buy here – which are working really well for me at the moment.

    If you have any other tips & tricks, or anything to help others, please leave them in the comments below.