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  • The Ethical & Natural Guide To Feel Unique

    This post contains affiliate links. Read more in my Privacy Policy. We all know that I love Feel Unique a little too much! I wanted to write a post on my favourite ethical and natural brands. Especially ones that I definitely…

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  • Becoming More Eco Friendly & Using Less Waste

    This post is kindly sponsored by Danielle Beauty. This post contains affiliate links. Read more in my Privacy Policy. Recently I have taken on the challenge for myself to become more eco friendly. It’s become a passion of mine to…

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  • How To Go Plastic Free | 7 Ways You Can Do It

    It has recently broken in the news that the amount of plastic we use and dump on our planet is having some serious effects on our climate. Especially with global warming still lingering it’s causing more trouble than it’s worth….

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  • We Need To Save The Arctic And Icebergs

    It’s been brought to my attention recently that the Arctic is suffering from climate change. This is why we need to save the icebergs. Also when I visited Iceland to see the glacier lagoon and also their glacial tongues, we…

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