• Christmas Gift Guide 2021 | For Travel, Sustainable & Beauty Lovers

    With Christmas coming up quick and fast, I thought it would be good to get my Christmas gift guide ready. I have put together my favourite brands and products that are perfect for travel, sustainable and beauty lovers. I will also include any discount codes which will be from brand partnerships and affiliate roles that help support this blog. Any purchases using these links and discount codes are greatly appreciated. It won’t be at any cost to you, but will give me a little bit of commission.

    If you ever struggle to buy loved ones presents, hopefully this guide will help you find something to get them. I have decided to break this guide into sections to make it easier.

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    For The Beauty Queen

    Hourglass Refillable Ultra Slim Lipstick – £33 and £18 for refills

    If you love your luxury lipsticks, avoid MAC and DIOR who not only both test on animals but don’t cater for us ethical living lovers. Hourglass now have a refillable lipstick which is their Ultra Slim lipstick which looks gorgeous btw, the packaging is so luxurious. A lipstick costs £33 but the refills only cost £18 so it’s perfect for saving the planet. Hourglass are also cruelty free and do not test on animals. You don’t need to buy every single lipstick shade at £30, you can buy one, and then buy the refills at £18 and switch them over when ever you feel like it.

    Zao Makeup Refillable Pressed Powder – £21.50 and £10.75 for refills

    If you use pressed powder, this ones for you. It’s ideal for setting makeup especially if you suffer from oily skin. It comes in beautiful bamboo packaging and you can buy refills when you hit pan. You can also put bronzer, blush and highlighter pans into this packaging as well or have separate packaging for those as well which you can refill. The only downside to Zao Makeup is they don’t have many shades to choose from but I’m hoping they will add more in the future.

    Zao Makeup have lots of other refillable products including concealer, eyeshadow, mascara, lipsticks and foundations – both powder and liquid.

    Use WELCOME15 to get 15% off your first Zao Makeup order.

    Christmas gift guide

    Makeup Geek Build You Own Palette – £6.49 a pan

    Makeup Geek have updated their magnetic eyeshadow pans slightly since I bought mine, as they are now square rather than round. But they are perfect for building your own eyeshadow palettes with shades you like and once they are empty, there is hardly any waste when they become empty. You can buy their own magnetic eyeshadow palette or you can buy another one – I bought mine from Z Palette.

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    Jo Malone Solid Scents – £24 for the palette and £15 for the refill scents

    If the person you are buying for loves a perfume or cologne and specifically Jo Malone, then these are perfect for them. You can buy the palette and two scent refills to pair together or use separately for £54. It’s perfect for travelling as it doesn’t eat into your liquid allowance, it’s ethically friendly as you can refill it when you get low on solid cologne and also great for on the go and popping into your handbag.

    I have just picked up my own of these and I can’t wait to use it. I love English Pear & Fressia with Blackberry & Bay or Peony & Blush Suede.

    Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Refillable Lipstick – £28 and £19 for refills

    Another for luxury lipstick lovers, Charlotte Tilbury’s line of Hot Lips 2 lipsticks are also refillable. These lipsticks can be refilled in any of the new case designs to match your mood and personality and refills only cost £19. I’m debating whether to switch to this line of lipsticks once my KISSING and Matte Revolution range has been used up, although I’ll miss my favourite Very Victoria shade.

    You don’t need to buy every single lipstick shade at £28, you can buy one, and then buy the refills at £19 and switch them over when ever you feel like it. There are so many beautiful lipstick bullets though to choose from, it will be a hard choice to make. I’m hoping I can find a copy of Very Victoria in this range so I can make the switch.

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    Zao Makeup Nail Polishes – £11.50 each

    Unfortunately Zao Makeup don’t do refillable nail polishes, which I don’t think anyone does at the moment but I can see it being something in the future. However their nail polishes are vegan and cruelty free certified and include up to 74% of natural ingredients in their formula. They have a massive range of colours to choose from and I love the bamboo lid/handle to the brush.

    Use WELCOME15 to get 15% off your first Zao Makeup order.

    For The Traveller

    Each of OneNine5’s products are ideally for the traveller, student or worker commuting to the office. They are perfect for organising anything in your life from electronics, beauty products, medication or travel documents. I have been an ambassador for OneNine5 for quite a while now and I love seeing what new products they create. With my affiliate link you can get 10% off all products, it’s at no cost to you but it helps the running of my blog.

    OneNine5 Eco Conscious Washbag – £45

    OneNine5 Refillable Silicone Liquid Bottles – £10 for 3 and £14.50 for 6

    OneNine5 Eco 13” Laptop Sleeve – £45

    OneNine5 Eco Essentials Pouch – £25

    Knomo London products are quite a big investment, but one I definitely recommend making. Their products have so many awesome features from organisation pockets and slots to a Knomo ID registration code so you can track your item if it gets lost. They also feature RFID protection so any credit cards or electronics inside the bag cannot be swipped and scanned by hackers.

    Knomo London Beauchamp 14” Laptop Backpack – £149

    Knomo London Grosvenor Place 14” Tote – £179

    For The Sustainable Liver

    Wild Deodorant – £10 for a case, £5 per refill on a subscription

    If you are looking for a new and sustainable deodorant, Wild is the one for you to check out. They have so many amazing scents to choose from and some are ideal if you or the person you are buying for has sensitive skin. Wild deodorants are aluminium free with compostable, plastic free refills and a 100% effective formula that is completely natural. It is so handy getting your refills delivered straight to you door in completely recyclable packaging.

    Refillable Reed Diffusers
    Jo Malone – £65 Classic 165ml, £78 Intense 165ml, £120 Townhouse 350ml, £60 350ml refill liquid
    Rituals – £14.90 70ml, £25.90 250ml, £49.50 450ml, £23.90 250ml refill liquid
    NEOM – £38, £25 refill liquid
    Lunar Ocean – £34 150ml, £22 150ml refill liquid

    If the person you are shopping for loves home decor and especially reed diffusers or candles, definitely check out the refillable reed diffusers which most of them are. All you need to do is buy the lovely smelling liquid and they can be refilled once they’ve run out. Just don’t refill and use the sticks in a different scent to what it was before. You can also sent the bottles back to some brands and get them refilled so there is no waste. Some of my favourites are from Lunar Oceans, Jo Malone, Rituals and NEOM.

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    Eating The Goober Ethical Magic Sliders – £91

    If you or your loved one is looking for a pair of sandals that is made entirely from recycled materials, these sandals/sliders from Eating The Goober are amazing. Eating The Goober slidders are now made using a brand new material.

    Piñatex is a non-woven textile made from waste pineapple leaf fibre, which can be used as an alternative to leather. These leaves are the byproduct of existing agriculture, so the raw material requires no additional environmental resources to produce. Moreover, the whole process creates an additional income stream for local farming communities. The result is a natural, sustainably-sourced, cruelty free material with a leather-like feel that is soft and flexible, yet very durable! 

    Their sliders soles are made of defective recycled car tires that cannot be used in cars’ industry. The upper parts are made either of : a) Piñatex pineapple sustainable vegan textile using 100% cotton fabric for lining (first 4 pics) or b) old recycled motorcycle inner tubes using cork fabric for lining (last 4 pics) and the insoles are anatomical and are made of cork and rubber.

    You can buy different coloured and patterned upper covers to suit your outfit and mood or you can have them plain black without a cover on. You can choose from their Classic selection, Playful selection or Fancy selection. Each cover varies in price depending on how patterned and how much work has gone into making them.

    Eating The Goober products are created by Vicky, Stam and their team and they are based in Greece. They make lots of other ethical and recycled material products on their Etsy store along with their Ethical Magic Sliders.

    Poster Store Wall Prints – prints starting from £8.95 and frames starting from £4.95

    If the person you love loves creating gallery walls or is looking for some new prints to change up a room in their place, make sure you check out Poster Store. Their wall prints are printed on sustainably sourced high quality paper and they use eco friendly ink that doesn’t harm the environment. They are easy to recycle and upcycle should you no wish to use them anymore and are so easy to use if you want to create a moodboard or inspiration board.

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    I will be adding more to this gift guide when I come across them, so if you have any recommendations feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will add them to this guide. Make sure you check back on this guide for new updates.


    Are you going to buy any of these as gifts? Let me know in the comments below.

    Stay beautiful,

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