• 5 Cruelty Free Perfumes Perfect For Autumn & Winter

    perfumes for winter 2016

    My top 5 cruelty free perfumes for autumn & winter that are the perfect sweet and musky notes. Since turning cruelty free I’ve been shopping around trying to find some nice fragrances. If you have any favourites, let me know in the comments below that are not too expensive and available in the UK. You’ll probably notice a theme running through my fragrance favourites. Make sure you check out my Cruelty Free Perfumes Perfect For Spring & Summer too.

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    Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava

    A brand new brand that has been introduced into my cruelty free and fragrance collection since turning cruelty free back in June. I had heard of them before but never purchased from them as they are an American brand until I saw some of their products were being stocked on Feel Unique so I picked up two of their fragrances. This one does take some getting used to but it’s fruity but with a hint of spice.

    Pacifica Island Vanilla

    Another of my fragrances from Pacifica and this one is another sweet scented one. With the gorgeous scent of island vanilla it’s perfect for the colder months.

    Ted Baker W

    I got this fragrance in a gift set for my birthday this year and I just love the bottle, it’s a very unusual shape and the fragrance is really nice too, that’s fruity with a hint of spice.

    Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations

    A new addition to my fragrance collection and one of Zoe’s new releases in her beauty range. This is more of a body spray than a perfume but it’s definitely perfect for the colder months with a sweet scent of macaroons and pairing it with other sweet fragrances.

    Ariana Grande Ari

    I’ve been loving Ariana’s perfume Ari for quite some time now and when I found out that it was cruelty free I was so happy. I love this fragrance with how sweet and light it is. I love wearing sweet fragrances during the winter. I’m still holding onto the last little drop in this bottle and then I will definitely purchase another and maybe her new fragrance too!



    What are your favourite autumn/winter fragrances? Let me know in the comments below.

    Stay beautiful,

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