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    If you are looking for adorable and affordable jewellery that looks good enough to eat!Look how cute these necklaces are! Don’t you just want to eat them. I found Odds and Sorts through Facebook. It actually turns out Odds & Sorts is run and owned by my cosplay friend Naomi who I didn’t meet until a few months later. I instantly fell in love with their sweetie necklaces. They all look so yummy and delicious and are all really adorable.


    I was so stuck to choose which ones to buy, I finally decided and purchased their Pastel Doughnut Charm Necklace in lilac and their Dolly Mixture Charm Necklace in yellow, lilac and pink. Odds & Sorts approached me and wanted to work with me so this is a collaboration post with the store. 

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    The necklaces are all around £5.00. Bracelets are around £2.00. They also sell badges which are £3.50 for 3 and notebooks which are £6.00. Everything in this store is handmade. Shipping was only £1.50 with Royal Mail. She is based in Yorkshire and the delivery only takes a few working days.

    The box with the necklaces inside was a brown paper texture with padding inside to protect the necklaces. With a paper lace detailing on the lid and another Odds and Sorts sticker. I ordered it on the 21st Jan and it arrived the next Tuesday 27th Jan. It came undamaged and safely wrapped up in brown paper. And a personalised sticker to secure the paper in place with tape.

    For any purchases use discount code: BLOGGER10 for 10% off!!

    Have you heard of this brand before? They do some amazing affordable jewellery. Make sure you check them out!