• Why Does Nature Inspire Me So Much?

    why does nature inspire me

    why does nature inspire me

    Read on to find out why does nature inspire me so much. If you didn’t already know by my socials that I am obsessed with nature. And for some reason I always feel so inspired by nature. This is probably one of the reasons why I love travelling, because I love being in and around nature. I feel most inspired by trees and water but also pretty landscapes as well.

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    Whether I am travelling around my home country or when I’m abroad, I always have to find a spot in nature and revel in it. Whether it’s on the sea in Croatia, in a jungle in Thailand or going for a hike in The Lake District – I’m there! I think my love for nature has been helped hugely by going to WMGT events but also from my love for travelling.

    So Why Does Nature Inspire Me So Much?
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     My star sign is Gemini which makes my element symbol Air but I feel more inspired by Water and Earth. I do love travelling which probably ties in with my love for flying (in airplanes) hence my star signs element of Air. But being near water or earthy nature such as a forest or on a hike inspires me more.

    What Elements Inspire Me?

    • Water
    • Earth
    • Trees
    • Ice