• Why Did I Join Where’s Mollie Global Travellers?

    I get quite a lot of people ask me why and what made me join a travel group so I thought I would write up a little bit more information about the wonderful travel group I’ve joined called Where’s Mollie Global Travellers.


    It is essentially a travel group filled with travel lovers from all over the world. It was created by the beautiful soul that is Mollie Bylett – travel blogger from wheresmollie.com. Mollie carefully plans and puts together trips throughout the year. Where members can book tickets and join to travel and explore more of the world. The locations can vary from being in the UK to Europe to more further afield such as Australia. You can find more out about WMGT on her website.


    The trips can entail so many different things from exploring the location it’s based in. This includes culture, history and food from all the wonderful physical activities that are planned for you to enjoy. The main focus is to enjoy the great outdoors and nature around you. From the past trips I’ve been on I’ve done so many things. From hiking, stand up paddle boarding, swimming, climbing a mountain and so much more. If you don’t want to do a certain activity, you don’t feel pressured to do it and you can sit out or do your own thing.

    where's mollie global travellers


    Each trip can vary quite a lot from another one depending on where it is located, the activities that are booked and the hotels/hostels that are booked. I’ll leave the pricings from the past events I went on to give you a little idea.

    Snowdonia, Wales – 2 days = I can’t find the exact price but it was around the £100-£200 mark (excluding other expenses)
    Lake District, Cumbria – 3 days = around £185-£200 (excluding other expenses)
    Split, Hvar & Dubrovnik, Croatia – 4 days = £470 (excluding other expenses)

    The set prices from Mollie include hostels/hotels, activities and any included meals with accommodation or group transportation.


    There are over 5k members in the Facebook group from the UK and all over the world as well.  The past UK trips have had 60 members join whereas the Croatia trip only had 30 members. Mollie will set how many tickets are available for each trip depending on how many people she will be able to cope with especially if it’s abroad.


    I wanted to join WMGT to be able to travel the country/world more and be able to meet new friends, conquer my fears and fight my anxiety. It has been the perfect way of accomplishing all 3 things at the same time whilst having fun and creating memories as well. It was a huge jump for me to be able to connect with strangers and make friends whilst being in a totally new environment.

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    – You get to travel more, whether it’s in your home country or in a country abroad.
    – You get to meet new people and make new friends.
    – A great way of achieving new skills or trying something completely different that you wouldn’t normally try.
    – Conquering a fear/anxiety.
    – A great way of experiencing a new culture.

    – The FOMO you get when you don’t book onto a trip.
    – When you miss out on a ticket.
    – We need reunion trips and a lot of them.
    – Activities you might not want to do/can’t do.
    – Sometimes you might not be able to afford to go on one.
    – There might be people there you don’t get on with and that’s ok.


    At first I thought I would have hated it, suffering from anxiety I have never liked being in a big group as it always intimidates me somehow and I don’t like that feeling but for some reason I don’t get that with these trips. I have lost friends but I have also gained friends on these trips so they balance each other out perfectly aha. Mollie plans these trips so well so that there is an even amount of each event for people who enjoy certain things so that no one feels left out.

    I do get nervous before each event but that’s inevitable when it comes to travelling with anxiety but I always really enjoy it whilst I’m there and miss it when we come back home. The post-trip blues are unreal! I highly recommend booking on one of Mollies trips if you haven’t done one before.

    Me and Amy kayaking in Dubrovnik, Sept 2018.

    Are you planning on joining a travel group?