• Conquering My Anxiety & Hiking Mount Snowdon

    hiking mount snowdon

    So this weekend I spent my time doing something I would never normally do or even dream of doing but I kicked my anxiety in the butt and joined 56 other like minded travel lovers and hiking Mount Snowdon together! I wanted to join this group to kick my anxiety in the butt and to prove to myself that I can push myself to do something I wouldn’t normally do and join a group of total strangers on a massive adventure.


    One of my favourite travel bloggers Where’s Mollie? created a group on FB for like minded travel lovers to share their travel experiences and she had created her first group adventure to hike Mount Snowdon in Wales. I had been to Wales before but quite a few years ago for a family friends wedding but I wanted to see more of what Wales has to offer and Mount Snowdon didn’t disappoint. I have been on a few hikes with the family in Iceland and Tenerife and I have to say that Snowdon was the hardest I’ve done. It seriously pushed me to my limits mentally and physically and my body is definitely feeling it right now.

    I started my journey late afternoon on Friday the 7th, travelling from Maidenhead station to Bristol Parkway where I met the lovely Lottie and we grabbed some petrol and snacks for the journey before meeting Phoebe. We then went into Pizza Hut to grab some takeaway pizzas for dinner which ended up being free because the girl never charged us for it which was pretty awesome. We had Mollie’s playlists at the ready and headed up through Birmingham to north Wales.


    It then took a turn for the worse when a road we were meant to go down was closed and the diverted traffic signs took us a really weird way but we managed to get ourselves back on route and then came to another stand still when someone had been hit by a car and it would have been a half an hour wait for the ambulance to arrive and there was so many police cars arriving.

    But a really nice guy helped us get back on route by following his little convoy to get back onto the right roads and we finally arrived at the group hostel YHA Bryn Gwynant Hostel which is about a 12 minute drive to Snowdon and has a gorgeous view of the lake, we arrived at 12am to be greeted by no one, so we just made our way to the last free room to get some shut eye.


    We woke up quite early to get ready for the big day. Then grabbed breakfast with the others in the group hostel. We set off for 8am to start the hike by 9. It was quite hard trying to find parking but we managed to get a space and got a shuttle taxi to take us to the start of the walk to join the others. Mollie checked everyone was there and we started our massive hike with a high 5 from Mollie. We hiked up the Pyg Track which was hard in places with gradual gradients of incline before we came to a beautiful blue lagoon/lake in the middle of the mountain which was stunning with the white clouds, blue skies and sun shining down on it.

    hiking mount snowdon
    This was the view from our group hostel!


    When we made it to the summit, which was pretty busy and we couldn’t see a thing with all of the cloud. We stopped to have lunch at the summit and had group photos taken with Mollie’s banner, before making our way back down towards the Miners Track.

    We were really lucky with the weather until we reached near the top. Which got very cloudy so we couldn’t see any of the stunning views at the top it was just cloud. But it could have been worse (the weather was pretty bad on Sunday morning). Then it turned into a glorious sunny day in Llangollen when me and the girls were leaving.

    Very cloudy at the top!


    After we had all got back to the start of the hike. We then had a warm cooked meal with the group all together. Mollie handed out a cupcake for all of us which she had made (that were really yummy). She then gave out a little speech to say thank you to everyone for joining her. Before we all went our separate ways. Me, Lottie and Phoebe then headed to our next hostel which was the The Bunkhouse in Llanberis. Which was a really cute little village not far from Snowdon and then checked in.


    It felt so good to get out of our hiking gear. And to sit outside with a well earned drink in the sunshine. We then met one of the other girls from our hike who was also staying in our hostel Millie. Who joined us for a drink and then we took a walk to a little lake behind our hostel. For a little chill and the sky turned the most gorgeous pink sunset colour.

    The sunset on Llanberis Lakeside.

    We got some shut eye after an exhausting day hiking and had a little bit of a lie in before getting up and ready for breakfast which we met up with Millie again and had breakfast together in Pete’s Eats which was just down the road from our hostel for a yummy cooked breakfast before heading home.

    Just want to say a huge thank you to Mollie for creating this amazing group and the opportunity for lots of like minded travel lovers to join together and explore Wales and climb Mount Snowdon together. Proud of you babe!

    Have you been to Wales? Or hiked Snowdon? What would you recommend to do in Wales?