• Lost Photos From Thailand

    lost photos from thailand

    I was scrolling through my iPad and found loads of lost photos from Thailand when I went back in 2017. I thought I would grab a few of the good ones and make a blog post on it. It’s a bit like a throwback to when I went there. I have a few other blog posts that I would like to type up on my time in Thailand so stay tuned for those to come.

    lost photos from thailandlost photos from thailand

    I can’t believe I’d totally forgotten about these photos from my first time in Bangkok. And a few other parts of Thailand. When we visited Thailand this time we had a couple of days in Bangkok before heading off to Chiang Mai and Krabi. We spent some time exploring around the city including visiting the main temples in Bangkok and their annual tourism festival which was great to see all of the crafts and traditions that come from each part of Thailand and what they are known for.

    The temples are beautiful and are filled with so much colour and gold decorations.

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    lost photos from thailand

    I hope you enjoyed my lost photos from Thailand! Would you like to visit?