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  • How To Move On When You Meet People You Instantly Don’t Like

    We all meet someone in our lives who we instantly don’t like. My guide is going to help you move on from those people you don’t like or get along with. You’ve either met them through a friend and you…

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  • Learning To Let Go Of Toxic Friendships

    We all go through those times when we gain friends but there also comes a time when we lose friends. We all need some help learning to let go of toxic relationships and friendships. Some by mutual agreement, others by…

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  • Why I Love Social Media But Also Hate It

    We all go through our phases of both loving and hating social media at times. But it can be very different when it starts affecting your mental health. I love social media don’t get me wrong. It’s great for connecting…

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  • Suffering From Anxious Nightmares

    If suffering from anxiety in my daily life wasn’t enough, I’ve now been suffering from anxious nightmares. They can spur on from any situation that has happened in my life past or present and produce themselves when I’m trying to…

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  • How To Have A More Positive Life Online

    We get it! Literally thousands of people spend their lives online now. And post their personal and business lives on social media for everyone to see.  This is my guide on how to have a positive life online. At certain…

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  • The Comfort Of Binge Eating And The Negative Effect

    With World Mental Health Day just gone I wanted to write up a post about one of the effects that being bullied has had on me. Which has affected me into my adult life which I instantly regret doing now….

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