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  • 7 Stupid Things I Get Anxious About

    These are 7 stupid things I get anxious about daily that I really shouldn’t be. It’s inevitable that certain things in life will make us rather anxious. Whether we suffer from anxiety or not but constantly suffering from anxiety on…

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  • When You Are Trying To Be Positive But Just Having A Terrible Week

    Trying to be positive but find it hard when you are having a shit week? Are you ever in that predicament when you really want to stay positive but just find your having such a bad week or day that…

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  • My Being Bullied Experience & Celebrate National Stand Up To Bullying Day

    Here is my personal post about my being bullied experience and celebrating National Stand Up To Bullying Day! The 5th of July marks National Stand Up To Bullying Day (follow the Twitter hashtag here) and before the day arrives I kind…

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  • Living With Anxiety & Mental Health Awareness Week

    What living with Anxiety is like and spreading awareness for Mental Health Week! I kept trying to put publishing this post off but then I decided people need to know about Mental Health issues! A little bit out of topic…

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