• why i love hate social media

    We all go through our phases of both loving and hating social media at times but it can be very different when it starts affecting your mental health. I love using social media don’t get me wrong: it’s great for connecting with people, expressing your creativity and really helps with my blog but I also hate it when it starts causing anxiety attacks.

    There are quite a few things that can trigger me including if someone I like likes other girls photos apart from mine or I can they are active online but not talking to me. Something so small and stupid can really trigger me and make me feel like crap. Yes some people may look at it and think “It’s just a like on a photo it doesn’t mean anything” but it can mean a lot to someone who suffers from anxiety and trust issues and especially if you like them, all kinds of crazy things go through your mind.

    I try not to let it get to me but sometimes it can get quite hard, especially if it’s all you can see and it just plays on your mind for ages.

    Why I love social media:
    – Great for creativity
    – Networking and meeting new people
    – My blog
    – Support groups

    Why I hate social media:
    – Anxiety triggers
    – Bitchiness
    – Drama
    – Liars
    – Ghosters/Fuckboys and Catfishers in Dating


    What do you love and hate about social media?

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