• The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Brussels

    Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is home to many of the tourist attractions for those who want to visit Belgium. This is my guide to Brussels to help you get around easily before you go. Brussels wasn’t my favourite stop on my trip around Belgium with Amy but there was a lot to see there so it’s hard to fit it all into one day. I still didn’t get to see everything we wanted to but that means a trip back is always on the cards. Did you know that Brussels is the ninth-most densely populated European Union city?! They are currently behind Paris, Barcelona, Milan and a few more.


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    Brussels is the capital and main city of Belgium so it’s going to be busy and full of energy. I would say there is a lot of homeless and migrants living in Brussels so I would be aware of this and look after yourself and personal belongings to make sure nothing happens to them. Brussels wasn’t my favourite city out of the 4 that I visited, but it wasn’t dreadful and there was still lots to do there. The trouble is the things to do in Belgium are quite far apart from each other and it’s hard to see everything in one day.


    It depends on where you are travelling from to get to Brussels. If you are coming from outside of Belgium, your best way to get to Brussels is to fly into Zaventem Airport. If you are travelling from inside Belgium, it would be best to get the train into Brussels Midi station. That is in the centre of Brussels with Brussels Nord and Brussels Central either side of Brussels Midi. You can find out more information in my How To Get Around In Belgium blog post.


    Open this blog post / map on your phone and use it to navigate when you’re there to find your way around Brussels easily…


    • • Shop your way around Galeries Royales Saint Hubert
    • • Check out the different Pis statues
    • • Visit Hard Rock Cafe
    • • Walk to the Congress Column
    • • Catch the train to the Atomium
    • • Eat Belgian waffles in Maison Dandoy

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    Shop your way around Galeries Royales Saint Hubert

    If you love shopping, make sure you check out the Royal Gallery in Brussels. It’s filled with so many different shops from boutique jewellery shops to various Belgian chocolate shops to purchase all of the chocolate. Amy and I had a lovely time walking through the gallery looking at and going into all of the shops filled with chocolates and pretty jewellery.

    Eat Belgian waffles in Maison Dandoy

    Sadly Amy and I didn’t get to go in but we walked past and their waffles looked amazing. If you want to try traditional waffles whilst in Brussels, definitely check out Maison Dandoy. You can sit outside with a hot drink and yummy waffles whilst watching the world go by.

    Check out the different Pis statues

    A little silly but it’s something everyone does in Belgium and especially Brussels. There are several statues around Brussels that are off little children having a wee (hence the name Pis). There are a few around the centre of Brussels which are called Manneken Pis and Jeanneke Pis. Tourists tend to take photos of the statues and then throw a coin into the little well for good luck. Manneken Pis is the most well known statue as it’s usually dressed up in different outfits throughout the year and was the first one installed into a drinking fountain around 1618. Amy and I only managed to check out Jeanneke Pis but there are others around the city.


    Has my guide to Brussels helped you? What would you like to know about Brussels? Let me know in the comments below.

    Happy travels,

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