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  • Annual Blog Survey For 2020

    Every year I try to feature an annual blog survey for my readers. This is so they can leave their feedback on what they think about my content. And also my blog to show me ways I could improve and…

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  • The Problem With Toxic Instagram Pods

    I have been part of quite a few Instagram pods throughout my time as a blogger. Hey I even own and run my own travel based Instagram pod but there is just something wrong with toxic Instagram pods. You are…

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  • The Rebrand Of shanylou: A New Look 2.0

    My content has taken a turn more dominantly towards travel topics with lifestyle being my second popular. I still occasionally write about beauty topics but not as much. I wanted to create a look for my blog which reflected the…

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  • ways to start a blog

    5 Ways To Start A Blog & Appeal To Your Readers

    Now I know my blog isn’t huge like some people in the community. But I’d like to think my blog is a nice place to visit. I don’t have an amazing following or traffic but I’m looking into working on…

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  • How I’m Improving My Blogs Newsletter

    I’ve been doing my blogs newsletter for a few years now and every so often it’s gone through a little change to help improve it, but I am still improving it the more I do it. This is how I’m…

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  • Moving On From Apple Onto Android | Google Pixel 2 Review

    I have always considered myself an Apple person. But this time I’m moving on from apple! Ever since I got my first iPod I have always purchased with Apple. For iPods, iPhones and had always wanted to buy a MacBook….

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