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  • How I’m Improving My Blogs Newsletter

    I’ve been doing my blogs newsletter for a few years now and every so often it’s gone through a little change to help improve it, but I am still improving it the more I do it. This is how I’m…

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  • Moving On From Apple Onto Android | Google Pixel 2 Review

    I have always considered myself an Apple person. But this time I’m moving on from apple! Ever since I got my first iPod I have always purchased with Apple. For iPods, iPhones and had always wanted to buy a MacBook….

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  • The Rebrand Of shanylou: A New Look | With Miel Cafe Design

    She’s back with a new look! I am so excited to reveal to you guys my blogs brand new look. I have been working with my lovely friend Giada who I’ve been working with over the last month or so…

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  • GDPR & Bloggers: It’s Not As Scary As You Think

    I know it’s a little late now in relation to the whole GDPR thing but I still wanted to post this. GDPR isn’t as scary as you think it is – it’s mainly just common sense. GDPR and Bloggers need…

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  • Why Do Fashion Bloggers Over Photoshop Their Photos?

    There becomes a point when editing turns fake! I get that bloggers and designers would like to edit their photos they post every now and then. Especially to make them look that little bit better. But there becomes a point…

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  • How To Have A More Positive Life Online

    We get it! Literally thousands of people spend their lives online now. And post their personal and business lives on social media for everyone to see.  This is my guide on how to have a positive life online. At certain…

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