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  • WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Should Use

    I wanted to round up my favourite WordPress plugins that I believe every blogger should install if they use WordPress. I am no blogging expert but I feel like these plugins make my blogging life a whole lot easier. At…

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  • The Rebrand of shanylou: Designing My Blog Logo | With Miel Cafe Design

    It probably won’t seem like much to some bloggers. But I am so happy to have a rebrand and designing my blog logo. And actually smooth out some of the kinks and fit together the missing pieces. After migrating my…

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  • Blogging Stationery Haul with PaperChicCo and Typo

    I’ve just placed this rather large blogging stationery haul with two favourite shops Typo and PaperChicCo which I have recently fallen in love with. The idea behind this haul was to buy matching or coordinating stationery for my desk and…

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  • Top Tips On How To Look After Your Blog

    Here are 5 tips you need to do for your blog before the new year starts. You need to look after your blog and it will look after you in the long run. Below I’ve put together a few little…

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  • Stationery Haul with Typo | Picking Up Some Awesome Pieces

    A little stationery haul with Typo, an awesome stationery brand based in London. I rarely do stationary hauls. But when I do I always make sure I buy things that I will get the use out of. So I picked…

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  • What I ‘Hate’ About The Blogging Industry

    It’s been 2 years since I joined the blogging industry and things really start to tick you off! These are the things I really hate about the blogging industry. There are still sooo many things that wind me up and…

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