• I love writing about food but sadly I’m no Jamie Oliver when it comes to describing dishes. I just love eating food, hell I’m a major foodie. I love trying new dishes, especially around the world and when travelling. Read more to check out my top 5 places to eat in Paris and 2 I’m gutted I didn’t get to try. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take many pictures of my dishes or explore many restaurants but the ones I did visit and eat at I wanted to share my experiences there and a few pictures of food that I’ve taken.

    If you have any restaurant recommendations in Paris for me to check out next time I go, leave them in the comments.

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    The restaurants we did visit were mainly for dinner as we didn’t have much lunch after our big breakfasts. A fair word of warning but in Europe, having a cooked English breakfast doesn’t really exist. The most you’ll get is toast, orange juice or a coffee and maybe baked beans. If you are accustom to a cooked English breakfast, you might struggle. It’s best to adjust to the continental breakfasts of a bagel, croissaint or baguette of sorts.


    Chez Francis

    This was by far our most expensive meal purely because it was near the Eiffel Tower and had somewhat a good view depending on where you are seated. I wouldn’t say it was our best meal but it was enjoyable enough not to complain. Food wise it wasn’t worth it for the price. We first sat down outside to have a drink on our first day of exploring which was pleasant and then my Mum and I returned on our final day for dinner. My Vegetable Pad Thai obviously wasn’t like what you get in Thailand but it was alright. It also cost €27!

    Where To Find It: 7 Place de l’Alma, 75008 Paris, France

    La Maison

    This was another little find not far from Le St Ferdinand and was literally on the otherside of the roundabout, down a lovely quiet road.We stopped to have an early dinner here after getting back from Versailles. I ordered their goats cheese salad which was delish (don’t worry, I removed the bacon).

    Where To Find It: 28 Place Saint-Ferdinand, 75017 Paris, France

    Le St Ferdinand

    We stumbled across Le St Ferdinand when we arrived on our first day and sat down for a quick bite to eat and take in the sights. It was so lovely sitting outside in the warm sunshine and the menu was filled with enough choices even for a vegetarian. I chose their penne pasta cooked in a wok with pan fried vegetables and was slightly spicy. It was about €15 for quite a reasonable sized bowl.

    Where To Find It: 34 Place Saint-Ferdinand, 75017 Paris, France


    I had read about Bagelstein before arriving in Paris and I never realised how many there was dotted across the city. I wanted to stop there one morning and try a bagel which I did on our 3rd day. We had quite a bit of exploring to do so I wanted to fuel up and get a good breakfast.

    I had their Josephine fillings on a sesame bagel which included Avocado, Hummus, Mixed salad, Pickled peppers, Tomato, Red onion and Olive oil.

    Where To Find It: 8 Avenue Carnot, 75017 Paris, France
    There are actually lots of Bagelsteins located around Paris in various arrondisments so you are bound to find one whilst walking around.

    L’Atelier du Pain

    This was a lovely little bakery hidden in the wall, not far from Le St Ferdinand. My Dad ran in here to check it out and he picked up some baby doughnuts filled with Nutella which we enjoyed whilst walking around by the Arc De Triomphe and Champs Elysee.

    Location: 35 Place Saint-Ferdinand (Rue Denis Poisson), 75017 Paris, France


    Aloha Cafe

    I really wish we had had the time to check out Aloha Cafe. My Mum and I walked past it when walking up the hill to Moulin Rouge and I’m so gutted we couldn’t eat there as it was totally my type of cafe. Filled with palm leaves and tropical vibes.

    They also serve lots of healthy breakfast and brunch options from smoothie bowls, salads and avo on toast. Aloha also have their own hostel which isn’t far from the cafe, so if you fancy checking out affordable accommodation right next to a tourist hotspot, I recommend checking them out.

    Location: 32 Rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris, France

    Le Poulbot

    The outside of this cafe and restaurant is so quirky with beautiful paintings and mosaics on the outside. Reading the reviews online and the inside looks awesome too. I caught a picture of this restaurant on the way to the Sacre Couer and it’s a picture that you wouldn’t expect to be Paris just by looking at it.

    Location: 3 Rue Poulbot Montmartre, 75018 Paris, France


    Where would you like to eat dinner? Then let me know in the comments below.

    Happy travels,

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