• The Reusable & Recycled Liquid Bottles That You Need

    I was so excited to work with OneNine5 for a new product release and collab creating a blog post and social media posts on their new recycled liquid bottles for their washbags. They contacted me late last year to announce they will be creating new liquid bottles for their washbag, but then COVID-19 happened and put a delay in production. Until now, they have released new colours of their liquid bottles to match their exisiting washbag colours, Komodo Pink, Havelock Blue and Moeraki Grey.

    OneNine5 are based in London, United Kingdom and ship worldwide to over 33 countries. They create all of their products using recycled materials, vegan leather and waterproof and easy to clean lining. All of their packaging is recycled and eco friendly and they even have a recycle scheme in place for your wash bags should you wish an upgrade – they will recycle and reuse the products you send back to them.

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    I picked up 2 packs of their silicone travel liquid bottles which come in sets of 3. (One pack I purchased myself, OneNine5 refunded me for the other pack) Their liquid bottles are 65ml, so they are under the TSA required liquid amount and fit perfectly in their removeable clear liquids bag. You will breeze through airport security with all of their products, so you can travel stress free.

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    Their bottles have a flip top lid that unscrews for filling up and washing out to reuse again. You can easily squeeze the silicone bottles to get the product out when using and washing out. Their sleek and smooth design makes it feel luxurious and not like it’s made from recycled materials.

    The bottles are made from dishwasher safe, food grade silicone that’s easy to clean. A wide neck for refilling and a tapered top so it fits nice and snug in the removeable wash bag without interfering with the zip closure. 2 packs of bottles (6 bottles in total) fill the removeable liquids bag perfectly.

    Buy 2 packs of reuseable silicone travel bottles for £15 using the code SQUEEZEME. You can also get free shipping when you spend £40.

    You can purchase their silicone liquid travel bottles in their 3 current colours Grey, Pink or Blue and you can even pick up a mixed pack of 1 of each colour. Their bottles retail at £9.50 for a pack of 3. On their website, they currently have an offer of buying 2 packs of bottles for £15.

    The washbags retail at £49 and the clear replacement liquid travel bags retail at £8.50, should you wish to replace your exisiting bag or use it for something else.

    OneNine5 have just released their newest product, the Eco Essentials Pouch which is available for pre-order now and will be shipped out late November – which I’m so excited to receive mine. They are available in their 3 usual colours Havelock Blue, Komodo Pink and Moeraki Grey as well as a new colour Miho Black which is inspired by the volcanic black sand beaches of Japan.

    All photos are taken with a Canon EOS 60D camera and with the Canon EF 50mm lens f/1.8.


    Will you be picking up these bottles? Let me know in the comments below.

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