• Found Photos: Istanbul, Turkey

    found photos istanbul

    These are my found photos from Istanbul, which was a short city break with my parents. It’s such a beautiful city – you need to visit! These are all the photos that I could find at the moment. But once I find more I will add them in – I think my Dad got a lot more photos than I did. I can’t remember the name of the lovely hotel we stayed in but it was near the famous Sultan Ahmed Mosque also known as the ‘Blue Mosque’ and once I find out the name I’ll add it in. I can’t wait to travel more in Turkey.


    Galata Bridge

    We went to Istanbul quite a while so and this is a really delayed post only because I have hardly any photos of how beautiful Istanbul really is. Full with gorgeous architecture and so much religion and history. Turkey is famously split into two parts separated by a bridge known as the Galata Bridge in which lots of people were fishing off of – the two parts are the European side and the Muslim side which holds the city Istanbul.

    Vildiz Palace

    There are so many beautiful palaces and places to see here in Istanbul – all the beautiful architecture and history they hold is breath taking. The most beautiful palace we went in to which was held open to the public. You have to pay an entry fee but honestly it’s worth it. It was the Vildiz Palace.  All the massive rooms are coated in golden accents and large chairs and chandeliers.

    Honestly dream house or what? Another really lovely place was the Grand Bazaar which took a long trek to get to but it was worth it – you could honestly spend hours shopping there. Me and Dad both picked up a cheeky fake pair of converse high tops. I honestly recommend everyone to go here if you love architecture and exploring different places. The food is also an interesting aspect of travelling to Istanbul/Turkey.

    Yummy tagines and kebabs

    We were sat in a restaurant outside as it was a nice afternoon. And a table next to us had ordered this hot dish which came in what looked like an overturned flower pot/tagine. With a large hole in the top and the steam was coming out of the top then the waiter sliced the top of the lid off and served the dish to the customers – the dish was a casserole type consistency – my parents were so interested in the dish. They ordered it too. Whilst I had a chicken kebab and pitta.

    Basilica Cistern

    We also went to the Basilica Cistern which is hidden underground and is a place of religion and worship. It’s an underwater lake with massive archways carved into marble with pathways. So you can walk around it with statues of Medusa. And lots of other historic people and the history about how it originated.

    My found photos from Istanbul: 

    Have you visited Istanbul or even thought about it? Or visited another part of Turkey?