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  • The Best Time To Visit Halong Bay

    If you are planning a trip to Halong Bay whilst you visit Vietnam, you will want to make sure the weather is just right and visit at the best time. We visited Vietnam around January or February time and the…

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  • Hoa Lo Prison In Hanoi | Learning The Horrors

    Hoa Lo Prison in Hanoi is known as Hanoi Hilton. It is a former French colonist run prison in the centre of Hanoi in Vietnam. It was first used for political prisoners mainly Vietnamese. And then was used for US…

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  • Unseen Photos From Vietnam

    I have so many unseen photos from Vietnam that I thought I would put together a little selection of photos from my time in there that haven’t been seen in blog posts yet or shared on socials yet just. They…

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  • A Cycling Tour Around Cam Kim Island From Hoi An

    During our time in Hoi An we got up to quite a few things. One of them was an organised cycling tour around Cam Kim Island. It was a great way to see the traditional Vietnamese way of living going…

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  • Staying At Hoi An Silk Marina Resort & Spa In Hoi An, Vietnam

    We stayed in our fair share of hotels during our time in Vietnam as we travelled up and down the country to different places and the very first hotel we stayed in there was in Hoi An which was the…

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  • A Guide To Hanoi Train Street

    I wouldn’t have known about the Train Street if I hadn’t done a little bit of research. This is my guide to Hanois train street and the places to eat nearby. As soon as I saw how awesome it was, I…

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