• When He Lies To You About His Girlfriend

    he lies to you

    It’s been quite a while since my last dating post, but I wanted to type up another one in sort of a agony aunt style or helpful manor. What do you do when he lies to you? Have you ever been lied to?

    I don’t even know where to start with this post. To even think that this could happen or has happened is beyond me. Has this ever happened to you? Has a guy you’ve known or talk to lied about having a girlfriend and totally got flirty with you? How would you react when he lies to you? Let me know your story in the comments or email me if you want it more private.


    Is it still cheating if you only texted? How do you even go about anything when you’ve been put in that position and lied to after so long? I’ve had it happen to me personally, talking to an awesome guy for 2 years only to find out he’s got a girlfriend of 4 years when she tried to follow me. I didn’t even know how to react. I was completely speechless.

    As soon as I saw the profile pictures of them together, my heart sank into a sea of nothingness. It made me feel sick and safe to say I was a mess for quite a few days. My head was completely out of sorts and I couldn’t trust anyone again.

    Into our second year of knowing each other and talking it got more serious, the flirting I mean. We hadn’t met up yet but we planned to several times but nothing came of it. We got to know each other on a deeper level and knew quite a bit about each other. We talked about our travelling and our plans of places to see in the future. He even told me he was on several holidays with his mates or family which all turned out to be lies. How could I trust him now?

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    It then proceeded to him blocking me on social media’s to sort out his broken relationship? Is he ever coming back? What he doesn’t know is I could still see his posts and what he’s liking and commenting on on social media. Is it all a cover for his family and he will end it with her? Why do I even care? I should hate his guts, right?

    Why do I keep checking his socials to see what he’s been up to? Why can’t I just get over it and forget about him? I can’t seem to move on from the fact that he’s hurt me like this even though I’m not the one he’s with. How can someone possibly be able to do that to someone they’ve been with for so long? My morals should be beating his ass up right now. I could never do that to someone I love. Who even has the morals to do that after such a long time?

    I am still trying to decipher this mystery and all the questions it poses! Stay tuned.

    Image used in this post is credit to Greta Hoffman on Pexels.

    Has this happened to you before? Let me know in the comments below.