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  • Revisiting The Tourist Spots In Paris After 15 Years

    Yes you’ve read that right! As of 19th July 2019, it was around 15 years since I last went to Paris. I wanted to share with you my experience of revisiting the tourist spots in Paris. At the age of…

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  • 7 Places To Eat In Paris

    I love writing about food but sadly I’m no Jamie Oliver when it comes to describing dishes. I just love eating food, hell I’m a major foodie. I love trying new dishes, especially around the world and when travelling. Read…

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  • Our Gorgeous Hotel In Paris | Hotel Les Jardins De La Villa

    If you didn’t already know but hotels are quite expensive in Paris! You have to seriously spend a lot of time searching for hotels to find a great price. Our gorgeous hotel in Paris was the Les Jardins De La…

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  • A Guide To The Palace Of Versailles

    This is perfect if you want to spend a day away from the city and explore something beautiful. I definitely recommend a trip up to the Palace of Versailles. It was half planned on my list of things to do…

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  • A Guide To Exploring Paris In 4 Days

    Need to know how to do Paris in 4 days? And need to get the most out of your trip so you don’t miss anything? Make sure you read my ultimate guide to Paris in which I will tell you…

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  • Transport In Paris | How To Get Around

    Getting around a European country is quite easy but sometimes there are a few bits that leave us confused. I have to say navigating around the train stations in Paris was a little confusing, especially trying to buy a train…

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