• Photography has been a huge passion of mine ever since I was a little girl, when my grandad showed me his cameras and the shots he had taken. He was a president for the Wycombe Photographic Society (1988 – 1990) and won quite a few awards for the shots he had taken. My Nan had even taken a shot of me on a body board on our holiday to Devon, and she won an award too. Since then photography has always been in my blood, whether it’s something small or something big like a travel landscape shot.

    My photography has evolved and I’d like to hope improved over the years as I’ve learnt more skills and tried and tested different ways of getting my shots. I like to leave my photos as un-edited as possible and keep them natural as I like to show the natural beauty of this planet we live on. I studied Photography as school in 6th Form for 2 years and self taught myself also.

    When studying at school, I learnt all of the basic skills and tricks from Rule Of Thirds to Depth Of Field and how to best implement them into the shots. I also learnt how to develop my ideas more when producing portfolios and pieces for the exams. You do get your artistic ideas questioned by the teachers but you learn to move on and just progress with your ideas, if you truly believe in yourself. I am still teaching myself while full time working, as I find it best to learn whilst taking shots in a certain scenario like with weather conditions or dealing with a moving subject such as a person or animal.

    You can learn more about my inspirations and check out my portfolio on my website, which is linked above. And follow me on my photography socials linked below.