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    luxurious suite in singapore

    Our few days in Singapore didn’t really go to plan to start with as our accommodation really let us down. Until we found this luxurious suite in Singapore centre. With our first booked accommodation being booked via AirBnB, as soon as we got in the taxi is was bad news. Our driver told us the accommodation was in Johor Bahru which is part of Malaysia. It is near the border of Singapore, connected via a causeway which takes 2 hours to get through. This would also mean going through immigration to get in and out of the city everytime.


    We struggled to find a space in any cheap hotel or hostel in the city until we came across one which we just booked for a night to tie us over as we had been travelling for over 13 hours but it was quite away from the city centre. We spent ages scrolling through hotels but most of them were far too expensive until I came across what looked like a really nice apartment with a king size bed and a futon bed for me so it said it was perfect for 3 adults.

    As soon as we get there, we knew it wasn’t right. Firstly we struggled to find someone to help us check in and after about 45 minutes of reading and re-reading the instructions given to us and still no luck my mum found a guy eating his lunch who just so happened to have the key to the room. As soon as the door opens, we knew instantly that it was not suitable for 3 adults and no space for the futon to go as the futon was not already in the room.

    We stared at the room wondering where it was. After asking the guy, he came back with a mat which was definitely not the futon.  We spent ages trying to delegate with the guy that this is not suitable for 3 adults nor was it what we booked through Booking.com. We refused to stay there and my Dad left the apartment to search for somewhere else we could stay whilst me and mum stayed scrolling online trying to find any other places to book.

    My Dad came back from searching for hotels, we left getting in a taxi and not looking back. Once my Dad showed us where we were staying the heart eye emojis appeared. The lovely reception staff and manager offered us a suite. They kindly charged it the same as a regular room. My god our suite was beautiful.

    luxurious suite in singapore

    The hotel amenities include a gorgeous dining area but both breakfast and dinner with a full continental spread for breakfast. A lobby Nespresso bar complete with cake and a full range of coffee. There are also home brewed alcoholic drinks in the lobby. They have personal droid butlers called Sophie and Alexandre who offer free chocolates or brochures. They also deliver your room service to your door. Outside they have the infinity pool and jacuzzi which have gorgeous views. There is also a gym and yoga studio as well exclusive to residents and so much more.


    In our luxurious suite in Singapore, we had a full desk complete with a selection of books, stationary and speakers. A wide screen tv in which we could watch lots of international channels, Netflix and the latest movies. A Nespresso coffee machine and snack bar with a sofa and lounge chair. 1 small bathroom and a larger bathroom including a shower room and bath. Hermes toiletries on the vanity and a tv in the mirrors in the main bathroom.

    There are also yoga mats and dressing gowns with full access to the club lounge. The exclusive club lounge includes happy hour drinks and plenty of free snacks and soft drinks. The suite also includes an amazing smartphone in which you can use for FREE when you explore the city. I have written all about this amazing smartphone in my latest blog post here.

    Singapore Accommodation: Be wary of booking AirBnBs – I would really check the address of an AirBnB if it says it’s in Singapore as they could be in a part of Malaysia. The AirBnB we nearly booked said it was in the centre of Singapore but it actually wasn’t, we didn’t know that until we landed. Ask the owner before booking for the address to make sure. If you are looking for a nice AirBnB in Singapore, check out this article

    We definitely paid for the quality but I really think you need to in Singapore. There it’s either cheap hostels or expensive luxury hotels. It is very hard to find good in between accommodation that is good quality.

    Be sure to book this gorgeous hotel and suite when you visit Singapore. Book here.

    Morning and Night time views from our suite window.


    Would you like to stay in this luxurious suite in Singapore? I’m dying to go back!

    Happy travels,

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